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PDF configuration

In order to be able to output reports in PDF format, you need to choose either Ghost Script or Acrobat Distiller.
Ghost Script (Recommended) is a free PDF converter which is packaged with SSW Access Reporter.
Acrobat Distiller is an industry standard PDF converter. Some reports come out better using this however you require a license from Adobe to use it.

You will also need to install a PostScript printer. This printer will create a file when you print to it. The PDF creator will use this file.

So how do I configure this Post Script printer?
Go to start, settings then control panel. Click printers then "add printer" and follow the wizard.

Printer setup 1
Figure: Uncheck the Auto detect option because we are not adding a physical printer

Printer setup 2
Figure: Create a new Local Port

printer setup 3
Figure: Specify the file name and path where you want the postscript file to be created

printer setup 4
Figure: Add any post script printer. I recommend the HP Color LaserJet PS printers

printer setup 5
Figure: You may be asked if you want to keep the existing driver

printer setup 6
Figure: Give the printer a meaningful name so you wont forget what it is for

One you have finished setting up the new printer, test the printer by printing a test page.
If the file C:\OutputPS.ps exists on your computer, you have configured the printer correctly.

Once the Post Script printer has been installed, open up SSW Access Reporter Manager

  • Click Tools -> Options from the menu
  • Click on the "PDF Settings" tab
  • Select a PDF Generator from the list
  • Choose the printer we just created
  • Enter in the path the postscript file goes to. You can print a test page then pick the "..." button and navigate to the file

PDF Options
Figure: PDF generation settings

There you go, PDF configuration is now complete.

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