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SSW Setting up user SSW

Setting Up A User On Seal

To setup a new Internet user on Seal we have to do a couple things.


Step 1 - Creating a Directory
  1. Open up Windows Explorer and browse to the d:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.
  2. Create a new folder and rename it to their UserName


Step 2 - Setting up IIS
IIS Users
  1. Open up IIS by clicking on the icon in the task bar
  2. Expand the SSW web share
  3. Locate the User's folder that you created in step 1, right click on it and go to properties
  4. Click on the Create button and then click ok
IIS user properties


Step 3- Setting up Serv-U FTP
FTP taskbar
  1. Open up Serv-U FTP server by clicking on the image in the taskbar. Pease note that the image suggests that the FTP server is OFFLINE! This is a known bug with terminal server and should be ignored.
  2. Expand the domain that this user is a part. (This will always be ftp.ssw.com.au UNLESS the user has their own domain on our server.)
  3. Right click in this area and select a new user.
    FTP users
  4. Follow the wizard to add a new user, Just make sure that:
    o In step 3 - you select the folder you made and not any other by mistake.
    o In Step 4 - Lock user in home directory. Always Select YES for obvious reasons. Also if this is off, the user tried to access there space though full parths I.E. d:/inetpub/wwwroot/<UserName> rather than just /<UserName>
  5. Once the user is created, go into the Account Tab and in the notes section, type in the user's password and a contact email address. This way we can test the account if the user has a problem and also can email a lost password to the account holders true email address.
    FTP account tab
  6. In the General Tab, Make sure that there is only 2 logins from same IP, that the idle time-out is set at 5 minuets, and that the MAX number of users is set to 3.
  7. In the Dir Access Tab, for any paths that are listed, make sure that all the permissions are selected EXCEPT the Execute one.
    FTP DirAccess Tab
  8. In the Quota Tab, tick the enable quota checkbox and enter in the Maximum size of hard drive space you wish to allocate to the user. ( I.E. 30meg will be 30000)
  9. Now that you have setup the FTP, test it by login into the users account, upload a file, and delete it. Making sure that the users space decreases one the file is uploaded.