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Discover how integrating an AI-powered chatbot has revolutionized their customer service

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French Payroll Expert (FPE) is a company specializing in payroll management for foreign companies operating in France. The laws around foreign companies hiring French resources are complex, ever changing, and all written in French. Because of this, FPE faced a high volume of inquiries from their clients about French legislation. The time spent responding to these time-consuming emails was a resource our client knew they could save, especially with the emergence of artificial intelligence.

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The advent of artificial intelligence in our daily lives caught the attention of Thomas, the head of FPE, as he knew it would be beneficial for his day-to-day work. The company’s main needs were as follows:  

  • Freeing up more time for high-value tasks for the business 
  • Providing a new tool to clients that allows them to access answers at any time, reliably 
  • Offering an additional support tool to enrich and facilitate daily work as well as respond to client inquiries 

The application provides clients with: 

  • Secure access to an AI-driven chatbot (like ChatGPT), continuously updated, and available at all times, which gets its info from official French legislation websites 
  • The chatbot excels at discussing French legislation with anyone in any language – key for its use as a global tool. It also allows the internal user to translate them to their own language, e.g. French 
  • An intuitive, responsive interface with features to bookmark, filter conversations, and easily contact our client via email 
  • Admin access for the business, with a history of all conversations, the ability to easily update the legislation database, and change logs for law articles with before/after comparisons 


The chatbot application was integrated into the existing site in 4 months. It was designed using Angular/.NET Core, with a SQL database, hosted on Azure, using Semantic Kernel and the OpenAI API, and following Clean Architecture principles. 


The introduction of the AI-powered chatbot has not only given FPE a competitive edge, but also attracted new clients and distinguished them from competitors. 

The chatbot has significantly improved both the website’s functionality and the overall client experience. Since its implementation, FPE has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their clients. 

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