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SSW has been developing software since 1990. Below are some of our great achievements over the year. You can see SSW's major milestones on our History page.

MAY 2024 - Tina & SSW/SSW TV sponsors Serverless Days ANZ

Tina & SSW sponsors Serverless Days ANZ in both Sydney and Auckland.

MAY 2024 - Tina &SSW/SSW TV sponsors /NEW 2024

Tina & SSW sponsors /NEW - the #1 Tech Conference in Newcastle. We had 2 SSW speakers presenting: Bryden Oliver and Matt Wicks!

MAY 2024 - SSW acquires TinaCMS

SSW officially purchases TinaCMS - the worlds best GitHub CMS. Tina is a fully open source headless CMS that supports Git and Markdown.

FEB 2024 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Sydney 2024

NDC Sydney 2024 was awesome and we had 5 SSW speakers: William Liebenberg, Matt Goldman, Adam Cogan, Jernej Kavka, and Luke Parker!

JUL 2023 - SSW has been recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist for 2023!

This prestigious achievement is a testament to the incredible talent and commitment demonstrated by each member of our amazing team on the Shepherd Centre project. We were finalists in the categories of Education and Inclusion Changemaker.

MAY 2023 - Adam Cogan presented in NDC Oslo

SSW's Chief Architect + Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan presented in NDC Oslo Online.

FEB 2023 - SSW has Partnered with Octopus as partner consultants.

Together we will be helping clients get up and running with their flagship product Octopus Deploy.

OCT 2022 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Sydney 2022

NDC Sydney 2022 was a lot of fun. We had 5 SSWers presenting: Jernej Kavka, Jason Taylor, Bryden Oliver, Matt Wicks, and Adam Cogan.

JUN 2022 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Melbourne 2022

NDC Melbourne 2022 was a success! We were proud to sponsor the conference and we had 4 SSWers speaking: Jason Taylor, Adam Cogan, William Liebenberg, and Patric Zhao.

NOV 2021 - Introducing the new SSW TV logo

SSW TV channel and its first logo have been launched more than 10 years ago, it was time for our branding to be modernized alongside with our growing channel.

JUL 2021 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Melbourne 2021

NDC Melbourne 2021 is a success!

MAY 2021 - SSW sponsors #EdgeTechConnect in Newcastle

#EdgeTechConnect in Newcastle event was a huge success! We learned about Cloud Architecture from experts Ben Peterson (IBM) and Theo Crithary (Dell Technologies), we had some insightful discussions, we networked and we ate yummy food!

MAR 2021 - SSW Newcastle office is launched!

SSW Newcastle - our 4th Aussie office - is now open! Read Adam's post about this.

DEC 2020 - SSW TV acquires 5,000+ new subscribers

Each year our video team does better and better work. Our most popular video released in 2020 was "Blazor Web Apps – Goodbye JavaScript! I'm in love with C#" by William Liebenberg, which accounted for 10% of new views this year. More achievements on Adam's 2020 in Review blog post.

DEC 2020 - SSW China has got the National Innovation Company title from the Chinese government

SSW China has got the National Innovation Company title from the Chinese government. It is the highest reward for our business size.

JUN 2020 - Adam Cogan presented in NDC Oslo

SSW's Chief Architect + Microsoft Regional Director Adam Cogan presented in NDC Oslo Online.

DEC 2019 - SSW TV exceeds 3 million views on YouTube

Each year our video team does better and better work. Our most popular video released in 2019 was "Clean Code with Entity Framework Core" by Brendan Richards, which accounted for 8% of new views this year. More achievements on Adam's 2019 in Review blog post.

OCT 2019 - SSW.Rewards mobile app was released during NDC Sydney

SSW Rewards goes live! This year we wanted to meet as many developers as possible and really connect with the community, so we gamified our swag and launched our SSW Rewards App (on iOS and Android stores). The app was developed quickly in under 2 weeks!

OCT 2019 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Sydney 2019

NDC Sydney 2019 is a success! Read more on Adam's blog.

SEP 2019 - Renovation in Sydney office is completed

We have have completely renovated our Sydney office. We've got brand new glass walls, lighting, monitors, stand-up desks, ergonomic chairs, lockers, cabinets, beautiful plants and new adehesive signage around the office to give each space a bit of personality. Our team is really happy to work in Sydney with the new ambience!

JUN 2019 - SugarLearning Mini App goes live!

Watch the new design of item detail page on our SugarLearning WeChat Mini App.

JAN 2019 - SSW Free Lunch is automated

SSW incorporates Logic Apps + Microsoft Forms automation to run its weekly free lunch for all staff.

DEC 2018 - SSW TV releases 51 new videos to the public

Each year our video team does better and better work. Our most popular video released in 2018 was "Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 2.1" by Jason Taylor, which accounted for 26% of new views this year. More achievements on Adam's 2018 in Review blog post.

SEP 2018 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Sydney 2018

NDC Sydney 2018 is a success! Read more on Adam's blog.

MAY 2018 - O365 mailboxes

SSW moves to their email from on-premises to O365 mailboxes.

MAR 2018 - SSW Sydney is automated

The Sydney office now is automated with the Control4 app. We can control shades, doors, air conditioners, lights, signage, secutiry alarms and much more with it.

FEB 2018 - SSW launches 2 new user groups

SSW User Groups - Two more cities have been added to our monthly User Groups: Melbourne .NET User Group and the Brisbane Full Stack User Group.

NOV 2017 - SSW Hangzhou office is launched!

SSW China opens a new office in Hangzhou, China, headed up by Alvin Shen.

NOV 2017 - SSW Brisbane new location

SSW Brisbane moves into big and beautiful space on Adelaide St, overlooking the Storey Bridge.

NOV 2017 - SSW Melbourne new location

SSW Melbourne moves into big and beautiful space on Little Bourke St, and can now run events.

AUG 2017 - SSW/SSW TV sponsors NDC Sydney 2017

NDC Sydney 2017 is a success. Read more on Adam's blog.

APR 2017

SSW moves to Dynamics 365.

MAR 2017

SSW moves from TFS on-premises to Azure DevOps in the cloud. Read more on Adam's blog.

FEB 2017 - NDC Denmark 2017

SSW's Angular gurus Adam Stephensen and Duncan Hunter present at NDC Mini Denmark.

  • Talk: Techniques and practices for testing Angular 2
  • Talk: Angular War Stories
  • 2-day workshop: AngularJS 2.0

FEB 2017 - Ignite AU 4 SSWers presented at Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017.

4 SSWers presented at Microsoft Ignite Australia 2017.

  • Adam Stephensen and Duncan Hunter:
    • Angular 2 Testing: Techniques and Practices
    • Angular 2 War Stories - We're Bringing the Front Line to You!
  • Adam Cogan and Danijel Malik:
    • Migrating from TFS to the cloud... without losing your mind (or any data at all)
  • Adam Cogan:
    • What's New in Visual Studio 2017 and VS Code

DEC 2016 - SSW TV exceeds 1 million views

At the end of SSW TV's first year, we had 50,000 views. In our fifth year, we're at more than 20 times that. Read Adam's post about this.

AUG 2016 - The Little Book of Angular 2

SSW releases the physical book.

AUG 2016 - NDC Sydney

SSW co-organises the first ever NDC Sydney 2016.

  • Adam Stephensen and Duncan Hunter presented Angular 2 War Stories
  • Adam Cogan presented Visual Studio 2016 + Talk DevOps please
  • View other videos from the conference

MAY 2016 - DDD Sydney

SSW co-organises DDD Sydney.

APR 2016 - Angular Hack Days in Melbourne

SSW holds the first of many successful Angular Hack Days in Melbourne.

DEC 2015 - SSW opens in a new office in Melbourne

SSW opens its newest office in funky Hardware Lane in the Melbourne CBD.

NOV 2015 - Ignite Australia and Ignite New Zealand Adam Cogan presented at Ignite Australia and Ignite New Zealand 2015 (formerly TechEd). Adam's presentations:

OCT 2015 - SSW releases its second ebook

AngularJS – 5 lessons from the trenches.

AUG 2015 - FireBootCamp wins the Microsoft Australia Partner Award (MAPA) for Excellence in Learning

SSW's intensive 9-week developer training course, FireBootCamp, wins the Microsoft Australian Partnership Award (MAPA) for Excellence in Learning. Microsoft has recognized our innovative and holistic approach to training, and seen the value of the fantastic course outcomes, even though the numbers are substantially smaller than the large learning institutions.

AUG 2015 - SSW releases its first ebook

The Visual Studio 2015 Checklist.

JUN 2015 - NDC Oslo

Adam Cogan presents What's new in VS 2015, ASP.NET and ALM 2015 at NDC Oslo.

NOV 2014 - MVP Summit

The MVP Global Summit is an exclusive event for MVPs, which as an MVP, Adam Cogan attends yearly in Redmond, Washington. With a large catalogue of technical sessions and a variety of networking opportunities, the MVP Global Summit enables MVPs to connect with other MVPs, build relationships with Microsoft product managers, and provide feedback on Microsoft products and technologies.

NOV 2014 - Scrum F2F

Adam Cogan attended the 22nd F2F Global Trainer Meeting in Redmond, Seattle, where some of the best Scrum minds came together for discussions on the state of Scrum, improving the profession, and the latest developments happening within the Scrum and community.

OCT 2014 - TechEd 2014

SSW's Adam Cogan and Adam Stephensen presented talks at TechEd Australia Melbourne and TechEd Australia Sydney. Adam Cogan gave 2 presentations by himself and co-presented a third with Adam Stephensen.

  • "What's New in Visual Studio + ALM" – Adam Cogan
  • "Application Insights: A Private Investigator for your Application" – Adam Cogan
  • "Easy Continuous Deployment + TFS-Git = The Freeway of Love" – Adam Cogan and Adam Stephensen

SEP 2014 - Australian Computer Society 2014 Conference

Adam Cogan spoke at the Australian Computer Society 2014 Conference in Canberra, delivering a presentation on Shaping Your Career, entitled "12 Rules to Better Code and Successful Projects".

JUL 2014 - DDD Melbourne

SSW employees Ben Cull and Damian Brady each presented at the annual DDD Melbourne, an annual non-profit community event run by developers for developers. Their presentations are now available to watch online:

JUN 2014 - SSW held the first of many Xamarin HackDays

Xamarin is very important to all Microsoft developers as it allows us to write a C# app in Visual Studio and publish it to iOS, Android and Win phone8 in one fell swoop. The Hack Day featured presentations from experts, followed by time for the attendees to practice what they'd learnt to make their own apps. After such a successful event, I'm happy to announce that Xamarin HackDays are now coming to Brisbane, Melbourne, and more. Be sure to sign up for the next Xamarin HackDay near you.

JUN 2014 - Introducing the new SSW logo

SSW has been represented and branded by the popular 'swoosh' logo for nearly 20 years, but it was time for our logo to evolve alongside our growing company. We could have started afresh, but we chose to keep the original company colors and the core feel. Therefore the swoosh was kept, as this has become the iconic symbol of SSW. We introduced a set of 4 small squares to the design, each in a varying shade of our corporate colors. The squares also highlight that we mainly work with the Microsoft stack.

APR 2014 - Adam Cogan attended //build/

Adam again attended the annual Microsoft //build/ conference, where he was among the first to glimpse all of Microsoft's newest offerings, like the Windows 8.1 preview, the return of the Start Menu, and the latest in Windows phones.

MAR 2014 - The SSW-made Event Cinemas website wins Telerik Sitefinity 2013 "Entertainment Website of the Year"

Recognition is based on creativity, design, user experience, and overall presentation of the website. Facing tough competition, the winning websites were selected through public voting.

FEB 2014 - Global Growth

SSW expanded to Europe - Slovenia and Belgium. We now have offices delivering custom solutions in 5 different continents.

JAN 2014 - SSW launches FireBootCamp

SSW added a new feather to its bow when it ran the first ever FireBootCamp, an intensive 9-week training course for .NET developers, who are either new to the field or looking to update their skillset with newest and best technologies and practises. The course was such a success SSW is expanding them to run not just in Australia but internationally as well. Check out to see if there's one near you.

DEC 2013 - Handsome man Scott Hanselman came to SSW

Microsoft's big personality Scott Hanselman toured Australia – and stopped in to present at SSW for the biggest .NET user group event we've ever held. 200 people attended in person and another 200 tuned in to watch the live streamed video of the night. Scott gave 2 great presentations:

NOV 2013 - MVP Summit

As an MVP, Adam Cogan attended the MVP Global Summit in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. With a large catalogue of technical sessions and a variety of networking opportunities, the MVP Global Summit enables MVPs to connect with other MVPs, build relationships with Microsoft product managers, and provide feedback on Microsoft products and technologies.

OCT 2013 - Adam Cogan was at //Build/

Build is a 4 day annual conference held at the Microsoft Campus, Redmond. The 2012 conference featured extraordinary presentations such as how to design and build beautiful Windows 8 apps, how to sell your apps in the Windows 8 Store and make money, and much more, delivered by the engineers behind the products and services.

SEP 2013 - TechEd 2013

SSW's Adam Cogan and Damian Brady co-presented 2 talks at both TechEd Australia & TechEd NZ:

  • What's New for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013
  • Climbing the Agile Testing Ladder featuring Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, Microsoft Test Manager 2013, and Lab Management 2013

MAY & OCT 2013 - SharePoint Saturdays

Adam Cogan presented at SharePoint Saturday Brisbane (May) and Sydney (October). SharePoint Saturday Events (SPS Events) are FREE one-day events held in different cities around the world, featuring sessions from influential and respected SharePoint professionals.

APR 2013 - SSW sponsors SharePoint Conference

We are proud to sponsor and participate in the Australian and New Zealand SharePoint Conference.

  • Australian SharePoint Conference 2013
  • New Zealand SharePoint Conference 2013

APR 2013 - Launch of Event Cinemas Website

SSW's latest project, the new site at went live to the public this year, showcasing SSW's design and development skills superbly.

OCT 2012 - Live streaming of the Sydney .NET User Group

The wildly popular Sydney .NET User Group expanded its reach exponentially by live streaming every month, allowing attendees from all over the world.

SEP 2012 - What's New in Visual Studio 2012

Software development continues to make great advances and so does Visual Studio. Come learn about the trends impacting software development and how you can take advantage of them with Visual Studio 2012. This talk provides a brief overview coupled with lots of demos to highlight how Visual Studio 2012 simplifies development, streamlines collaboration for teams, and helps you create apps that your users will love. Visual Studio 2012 helps you turn ideas into software; this session gets you started.

JUN 2012 - SSW is now running on TFS 2012

As far as we know, SSW is the first company in the world to upgrade to TFS 2012! Know more on Adam's and Damian's (the guy in the hot seat) blogs.

MAY 2012 - Enterprise MVC Apps Courses

The Model View Controller design pattern has been an proven and effective way of structuring applications for more than 30 years. In 2007, Microsoft introduced ASP.NET MVC to the world and since then, the framework has evolved into a mature and powerful way of writing dynamic web sites and powerful web applications.

FEB 2012 - Forsyth Real Estate Interviews

Forsyth Real Estate is a well established Real Estate Company with a history dating back to 1898. We recently produced a series of interviews for them, with top industry experts.

NOV 2011 - Developer Developer Developer Brisbane

Developer Developer Developer (DDD) Brisbane is a community conference aimed at Developers to be held later this year. Speakers for the conference submit topics via the Submit session page and the actual sessions for the event will be decided by delegates voting through the Vote page on the website. SSW was the main sponsor for this event.

OCT 2011 - Official Launch of SSW TV

SSW becomes the 1st tech company in Australia to have our own video channel (created in 2009) at and we also offer video services to our clients. Each member of SSW has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge when it comes to the latest .NET technologies. SSW TV not only allows us to share with the developer community what we’ve learned, but also guide business leaders and teams towards best practice solutions. The channel includes interviews with technology experts, free webinars, and presentations and demonstrations from some of the most knowledgeable people around the world, making it an invaluable resource for .NET developers of all skill levels.

SEP 2011 - TechEd Australia

From a keynote hosted by celebrity geek Adam Spencer to a journey into the power of Private Cloud, TechEd 2011 was a massive and enjoyable learning experience. Not to mention a chance to network with like minds and celebrate the many joys of being a geek. As you put the skills and knowledge you gained into practice back at work, just remember, it's only a year until we can do it all again and much, much more. Adam Cogan is speaking at this event.

MAY 2010 - Developer Day Scotland (AKA "DDD Scotland")

Developer Day Scotland (AKA "DDD Scotland") is a community event, run by community for community, which is based upon the highly successful Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD) community conference events. Scottish Developers is pleased to bring this phenomenal success to Scotland once again. The very best of the UK speaker community will be presenting on the topics delegates wish to see.

APR 2010 - Aberdeen Microsoft Partner group

The Aberdeen Microsoft Partner (AMP) group meets every two months at the RGU School of Computing in Aberdeen. With over 50 Microsoft Partners in the Aberdeen area we attract around 15-25 regular attendees at each session. For each meeting we always have at least one Microsoft guest speaker and one other external speaker for example in the past we have had presentations from Symantec, Ingram Micro and Jabra. The topics also tend to be varied and can range from technical sessions on Silverlight aimed at developers to the latest in communications and virus software.

JAN 2010 - TFS and Scrum

SSW is the first company to go live with a TFS 2010 system in production, and delivers world standard Scrum training.

APR 2010 - Australian ALM Conference

This event will explore how Visual Studio and Application Lifecycle Management can reduce costs, reduce development time, increase quality, and improve project manageability. Two full days, 18 sessions and industry leading speakers will arm you with essential knowledge to effectively manage applications through their entire life-cycle from idea, through development, deployment, testing, maintenance, and support.

FEB 2010 - 2010 MVP Global Summit

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are invited to attend the 2010 MVP Global Summit at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, from February 16 through 19.

DEC 2009 - MAR 2010 - SSW Brain Quest: Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010

Adam Cogan shows the best tools for a project manager to have successful projects and for the developers to have a focused and smooth software development process.

NOV 2009 - Adam Cogan DNRTV talking about TFS and Visual Studio 2010

DNRTV caught up with Adam Cogan at the PDC in Los Angeles. Adam gives us the 9 steps you need to deliver your product to your customer using TFS and Visual Studio 2010.

JUL 2009 - Carmody Group public website launch

Carmody Group specializes in Hotel Interior Design and Refurbishment services throughout Asia Pacific. SSW was given the task to redesign their public website applying unique design concept to showcase current and past projects.

JAN 2009 - 'Powered by Software Teams, not Individuals'

SSW further focuses its development methodologies and completes a transition from Agile to Scrum.

SSW is awarded as one of only a handful of Certified Scrum Training companies worldwide endorsed by Ken Schwaber.

SSW runs the very first certification program in the SSW Sydney office.

SSW has more Scrum Certified Trainers than any other company in Australia.

SSW opens an UK office headed by Microsoft ALM MVP Martin Hinshelwood.

DEC 2008 - SSW sponsors NZ.NET User Group event

SSW became a sponsor of the SQL Pass Community Connection Event, which was once again run and managed by NZ DNUG Inc Soc with some excellent and unique sessions presented by some of New Zealand's and Australia's most talented and influential experts, including Adam Cogan and Justin King from SSW.

OCT 2008 - Microsoft SharePoint and Office Forum site goes live

Microsoft Australia approached SSW to develop a website in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Forum event for SharePoint and Office. SSW delivered a Web 2.0 site build in SharePoint 2007 in less than 3 weeks. The site capitalizes on many of SharePoint's web publishing features and uses JQuery throughout to enhance the user experience. Virtual Earth was integrated to provide venue information. The completed site demonstrates that the possibilities of using SharePoint 2007 for a public facing website are boundless!

SEP 2008 - SharePoint Takes Off

SharePoint 2007 is one of the fastest growing technology offerings in Microsoft's history. SSW is a recognized leader in SharePoint development and builds the biggest SharePoint site in Australia. SSW also designs, develops and deploys the Microsoft site.

SSW release WorleyParsons' new site. With around 50,000 employees across 50 countries, it is the largest company in the world running SharePoint as their public site. The site takes advantage of many of SharePoint's powerful features for managing and rendering content to users. The site is built upon a series of lists and content types that are used to allow simple management of the data. SharePoint web parts were customized, and custom web parts implemented to allow content editors to use content rollup in a variety of ways across the site, for example a summary of news items relating to regions across the world. JQuery was used throughout the site to add more interactivity, such as with the menu navigation. Styles were defined for the site and all content allowing content editors to maintain and add further data without losing the look and feel.

AUG 2008 - Adam shows SSW's SharePoint prowess at the SharePoint User Group

Adam presented his SharePoint - Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Public Web Sites session at the SharePoint User Group. It was a successful night with a good group, and great session.

FEB 2007 - Which firm created Commonwealth Bank's new Employee Management System? SSW!

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has chosen SSW to develop a custom Employee Management System to manage the daily activities for thousands of their employees Australia wide.

JAN 2007 - SSW receives a Web 2.0 Makeover

We started the year 2007 by introducing a fresh new look on our homepage.

JAN 2007 - 'Future Thinking, Immediate Results'

By embracing Agile software development approaches, SSW streamlines its offerings to clients and is recognized as a leader in rapid application development for businesses and companies. Technologies such as jQuery become popular and re-invigorate the web space.

NOV 2006 - Microsoft banks on Vista

Adam Cogan presents his views on Vista before its 2007 release and the necessary dos and dont's before installing the operating system. "Microsoft banks on Vista, and so will I". Adam Cogan takes one step further on the Vista release, by commencing internal tests within SSW to provide crucial feedback to his customers.

SEP 2006 - Microsoft Developer Show episode from

In this episode Nick Randolph This opens in a new tab interviewed Adam Cogan and Athena Pawlowski and provide an insight into why user groups are one of the best forms of developer resources available!

JUL 2006 - DNRTV episodes with Adam Cogan on Visual Studio Team System

Adam Cogan talked about Microsoft Visual Studio Team System on DNRTV. This topic is divided into two parts:

Adam Cogan talked about his Rules To Better SQL Reporting Services on DNRTV. This topic is divided into three parts:

FEB 2006 - Global Reach Extends

SSW opens its China office in Beijing.

JAN 2006 - DotNetRocks interviews with Adam Cogan

Adam Cogan talked about his rules in an episode of DotNetRocks, a weekly talk show on Microsoft .NET development hosted by Carl Franklin.

NOV 2005 - Adam Cogan: Ready to Migrate

From Frank Arrigo's blog post dated November 8, 2005: Check out this poster that has been used for the Ready Launch which features Australian Regional Director, Adam Cogan. The quote reads:

"We just migrated 11,000 pages of 1.1 ASP.NET to 2.0. We're taking advantage of all the menu controls, all the login providers, all the master pages. Man its cool"

Way to go Adam!!! You look like a rockstar!

JUL 2005 - Campbelltown STORM (PDF Brochure)

SSW sponsors a community youth event STORM in Campbelltown by providing an XBOX to be handed out as a prize on the night. The event was run by SSA Youth and attracted 250 youth from the Campbelltown area, and the program comprised of 2 hours of Intensity fun, 30 minutes of Christian Music and 30 minutes of the Christian message.

MAR 2005 - SSW hits #1 on Microsoft's Most Popular Downloads for Server Applications

In March, SSW's SQL Server 2000 Report Pack for Microsoft Exchange was the most downloaded software on Microsoft's Most Popular Downloads for Server Applications. The pack contains a set of 13 Microsoft Exchange-based reports with a sample database that lets you easily visualise and author managed reports for email administration.

FEB 2005 - The South American Roadshow

Adam is off travelling again and this time the destination is Brazil and Argentina! Lookout Carnival goers! Adam will be presenting varies topics to the .NET development community in a number of cities. His sessions cover tips for WinForm applications, Reporting Services, Whidbey, extreme programming. View poster.

JAN 2005 - Global Growth

SSW develops key skills in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SSW now has a full time remote worker in Brazil.

JAN 2005 - VBS Launch Video

NOV 2004 - Microsoft Access: Upgrading and Migrating to SQL Server and .NET

Adam and Jatin are touring with Microsoft presenting this highly popular course.

OCT 2004 - The African Roadshow

The Goal: To bring the latest hottest topics to the developer community in Africa and South Africa. Microsoft special guest speakers will be flying in from Australia to present the hottest .NET topics to the .NET community in Africa. SSW would like to invite you to this once in a life time event held at the Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

AUG 2004 - Breaking out at TechEd Australia 2004

The success of Microsoft TechEd continues! Adam takes the floor in break out sessions over the 3 and 1/2 day conference held in Canberra.

JUN 2004 - San Diego .NET Developers Group

Adam was invited to present at this meeting where he spoke about 'combining exchange data, SQL data and SQL reporting services'. Check out the above link for a great picture of Adam!

Adam featured in one of 24 RDs for a Microsoft promotion called "RD Bingo"

2004 - Instant Portals for clients + new Tagline: 'Writing Software People Understand'

SSW's focus extends to Microsoft SharePoint and delivers portals, document management, and solutions for mid-sized and large companies.

AUG 2003 - Adam does the rounds at Tech Ed 2003

Just after presenting at Tech Ed in Australia, Adam's going to be venturing off to present at Tech Ed 2003 in New Zealand and finally in Kuala Lumpur. He's clocking up some serious frequent flyer points and teaching developers across the globe some cool new tricks in the process. When asked about his tour of New Zealand Adam said "Sure our beloved Wallabies got trounced by the Kiwis but I'm not going to let that affect my presentation to the Kiwis. I've presented in New Zealand before and they're a cool bunch of people!" He's been asked to present a SQL Server and WinForms session at the three events he's attending.

MAY 2003 - SSW Recognised in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranks the fifty fastest growing technology companies in Australia, public or private, based on percentage revenue growth over three years (2000 to 2002). Ian Thatcher, Leader Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program says, "To rank on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, companies must have an impressive level of sustained revenue growth over a three-year period. SSW has proven to be one of the fast-growth success stories in Australia, and we applaud their success and vision."

2003 - 'Building Better Microsoft Solutions'

Microsoft's .NET platform is updated to 1.1 and SSW becomes a premier developer of Windows and Web solutions using .NET SSW provides migration services, consulting, and products to help companies migrate from VB6 and Access to .NET.

2002 - Launch of Westbus Charter Booking system on .NET 1.1

SSW replaced an existing DOS system, to automate quote calculation and to integrate with Microsoft Great Plains Accounting for invoicing. In conjunction with SQL Server, the new system could generate reports powered by Crystal Reports whislt being exportable to Acrobat PDF.

2002 - 'Business? How Can We Help You Today?'

Microsoft releases .NET 1.0? SSW is an early adopter.

Adam Cogan (SSW) and Charles Sterling (Microsoft) do the keynote and launch the .NET runtime to Aussie developers.

SSW renames User Group to be the 'Sydney .NET User Group'.

2001 - 'Leverage the Power of Rich Windows Applications'

SSW delivers numerous Windows client solutions using VB6 and Access.

SSW works with beta version of .NET Framework 1.0 and releases the very first ASP.NET web application in Australia (running on the beta).

User Group presents on Web Services for the first time in Australia.

2000 - Brochure design for TechEd back in the 2000's

Figure: SSW celebrates IE5 with a new brochure for TechEd hold in Cairns.

MAY 2000 - Adam Cogan to speak at launch of Office XP

Adam speaking at the upcoming Microsoft Office Development and Deployment Conference in May.

FEB 2000 - Microsoft Recognition

Adam Cogan, president of the Sydney .NET Users Group, has been appointed to one of only two local Microsoft Regional Director roles.

In the voluntary role, which is not compensated by Microsoft, Adam will provide an important sounding board between the software giant and its developer community according to Nick Abbott, Product Manager of developer tools and the MS program at Microsoft Australia.

"The role speaks a lot about Adam and his role in the developer community" Abbott said. "It's one thing to be a good developer, but it's another to be well known and respected within your community and Adam is rapidly gaining an international reputation." The role involves travelling to Microsoft's Redmond campus every 6-12 months, and as such, Adam was quite excited by the possibilities.

"This is the opportunity of a lifetime." Adam said, adding that Regional Directors are generally privy to Microsoft software and directions before the rest of the developer community, which will assist in his numerous public speaking appearances and internal training of staff at SSW.

Cogan is filling the role recently vacated by Dr Richard Hunter of Brisbane-based software developer, Fair Play, perhaps best known for software such as ‘The Cricket Analyst’ used by sports coaches and competitors. Australia's other Microsoft Regional Director is Brian Walsh, director of Praxa's .NET practice.

Microsoft works with around 140 Microsoft Regional Directors worldwide.

1999 - SSW Software Products

SSW releases its first server product: Exchange Reporter

SSW recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

1997 - SSW releases its first set of 'Rules' for software development

The Rules have since grown to more than 3,000 separate rules covering Microsoft technologies and software development methodologies.

SSW Upsizing PRO! becomes the leading 3rd party tool for Access.

Sydney Access User Group renamed to 'Sydney Access/VB/ASP/SQL Server User Group'.

1996 - 'Awesome Web Development'

SSW builds extensive experience in web development and becomes one of Sydney's leading ASP development companies.

SSW releases its first commercial application: Data PRO! for Access

1995 - Visual Basic

SSW embraces developing applications in Visual Basic.

SSW starts getting serious with SQL Server 6.0 giving enterprise-level back-ends to their Access and VB apps.

1993 - We become SSW

Customers start referring to us regularly as SSW. It sticks.

1992 - 'Building your Business on Access'

The company focuses on Microsoft Access solutions and is one of the premier Access development companies in Australia.

Clients start sending cheques made out to SSW instead of Superior Software for Windows. Banks honour the cheques!

The company launches the 'Sydney Access User Group'.

1990 - Superior Software for Windows - is born!

The company mission is to provide excellence in software development, targeting the Microsoft Windows 3.0 platform.