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Using the power of online videos for businesses

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A well thought out value proposition in video form, to demonstrate and/or advertise your product or service. To sell something with a video, we believe you must also see that video as a reflection of your business and branding, so it must be as unique and engaging as possible and represent a strong, confident but approachable corporate image.

We like to think outside the box at SSW Video, because no one wants to hear the words ‘Oh I’m sick of videos like this’. Our aim will always be to have the viewer walking away thinking about how great both your company and your product or service is.


Hutchison Weller - How We Developed 'KNOWnoise'

BREAST - Improving Radiologists' Ability to Detect Breast Cancer

Manad Plus - Product Demo

Blueshift - This is Blueshift

The Shepherd Centre - Helping Deaf Children reach their full potential

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