Professional Tailored Scrum Training

Professional Scrum Training

Whether you're a seasoned Scrum Master or new to the Scrum framework, become an expert in Scrum during this one-day course. Learn how top technology companies enhance team collaboration and drive successful projects across a wide range of applications.

1 Day
$5200 inc GST
Hosted by SSW


Picture of Adam Cogan
Adam Cogan

Adam Cogan is the Chief Architect at SSW, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner specializing in custom .NET, SharePoint and Business Intelligence solutions. At SSW, Adam has been developing custom solutions for businesses across a range of industries such as Government, banking, insurance and manufacturing since 1990 for clients such as Microsoft, Quicken, and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Picture of Ulysess Maclaren
Ulysess Maclaren

Ulysses is the General Manager of SSW and has been managing the team since 2006. He also is the Scrum Master for internal development teams, the design, video, and marketing teams, as well as some client projects. Integrity, transparency, and a smooth running team are all very important to him. He's also a Power BI and ChatGPT guru.

Scrum Training – Efficiency reimagined

In the fast-paced world of software development, efficiency is not just a goal; it's a necessity. That's where Scrum comes in, a framework that has transformed the way teams work. Whether you're a seasoned Scrum Master or new to the Scrum framework, our training will guide you on how to turn product requirements into shippable increments of software. 

Who is this for?

From CEOs to software developers, testers to Scrum Masters looking to refresh their skills, this course is for anyone who wants to run their organization as productively as possible. It's for those who seek to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical teams, those who aspire for the highest-level efficacy.  

What will you learn? 

  • The Art of Scrum: Explore the principles and practices that make Scrum a success. 
  • Team synergy: Learn how to form effective teams, plan Sprints, manage backlogs, and review progress. 
  • Technical mastery: Dive into Test Driven Development, continuous integration, refactoring, and more. 
  • Scrum roles: By the end of the training, you and your team will have enough knowledge to be effective Product Owners, Scrum Masters, or Scrum Team members. 

The content of the course can be customized to your company’s specific requirements. The course will be delivered to benefit your management structure and all levels of technical skill alike – the Scrum framework is best applied to fit your existing needs. 

Why choose us? 

Our trainers are not just experts; they're artisans of Scrum. They understand that every organization is unique, and the training should be too. 

What will be expected of you? 

This is a unique course that is team based and employs timeboxes

All attendees must commit to: 

  • Pay attention to lectures and demonstrations 
  • Participate in team and group discussions 
  • Work collaboratively with other team members 
  • Obey the timebox for each activity 
  • Commit to work and do your best to deliver 

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