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Lessons Learned in 42 Years of Software Development
Some people know the Microsoft technology stack really deeply and are good sniffing what will work and what won’t work. Bryden Oliver has been around since the dinosaurs (in technology terms). 🦖 Bryden has worked with punch cards all the way through to modern cloud computing. 🤯 Join SSW Solution Architect Bryden as he take us on a light hearted romp through all the technology trends, fashion disasters and management techniques that have come and gone over his career. Gasp, as he reminds you that you can write code in 1 kilobyte. 😲 You'll learn why some things work the way they do. And most importantly, Bryden will show what's new and amazing and how it builds on what has come before. He will also convince you that the key traits required to succeed in the technology field haven't changed either. You'll leave amused and energised for whatever the next decade throws at us. ⚡
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