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Modern Websites - Why Everyone is Choosing Next.js & the Best Headless UI Library
The world of modern web development was SPAs like Angular, React and Blazor. Now customers are choosing Next.js and shadcn/UI - these tools are revolutionizing how we build on the web. This beginner-friendly session will guide you through the process of creating sleek, responsive websites with ease and confidence. Join Jack Pettit, a Software Engineer at SSW who loves working on 🦙TinaCMS. He will guide you through the foundational steps of using Next.js, a React-based framework known for its efficiency and scalability. Experience the seamless integration of shadcn/UI, a user interface toolkit that transforms complex coding into a visually intuitive process. Expect a blend of practical demonstrations, real-world examples, and insider tips about the secret sauce you can use in your web development. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of Next.js and frameworks to supercharge your next web development project ✨🚀
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