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Marlon Marescia

Sales and Marketing Manager

Enjoy the journey because the destination might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Marlon Marescia

Marlon is the Sales Manager and Marketing at SSW. His hands on experience with Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM and Office add-ins help give him insight into how we can solve our clients business challenges. Marlon's past work as a consultant, building and implementing strategic and operational plans within small to medium businesses gives him a unique understanding of our client's needs.

As the Sales and Marketing Manager of SSW Marlon leads the sales and marketing teams to take new clients through their journey from finding SSW, discussing the solutions they require and watching over the delivery of the solutions to ensure projects go smoothly.

Marlon and the SSW marketing team has been successfully using Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Webinars and video to attract and educate new clients into the SSW family. He has a keen interest in B2B lead generation strategy and loves the measurability of online marketing tactics.

Marlon was instrumental in starting and promoting the first FireBootCamp which won the FireBootCamp won the Microsoft Australia Partner Award for Excellence in Learning in 2015.

Marlon and members of the SSW TV team (Raj and Titus) in their spare time created a rap music video Oh Holy Night for Marlon's 8 year old son JoJo. This project helps raise money so JoJo can sponsor children from Compassion. The music has been featured in the media on Channel 7, radio station 2GB and News Limited to name a few . You can find out more at JoJoRock.com.

In his spare time Marlon enjoys learning to surf, watching movies, cooking Thai food, thinking about getting fit, and rapping with his 4 boys.

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