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Gabriel George (Gabe)

Senior Software Architect


Master of Information Technology (Software Development)
Failing is how you learn best. To not to try would be your greatest fall.
Gabriel George

Gabriel George (Gabe)


Angular | HTML5 | HTML5 | GitHub | Node.js | .NET Core | .NET | Photoshop | Vue | UX | React | Azure | Azure Functions | Scrum | Cypress | Azure Bot Services

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Gabe is a Senior Software Architect at the SSW Melbourne Office. He specialises in enterprise front-end development with various modern JavaScript framework such as Angular, React, and Vue. He also work with back-end technologies such as .Net Core and NodeJs.

He is a very motivated person that loves to share his knowledge with his peers. He loves to learn new technologies, especially the cutting edge ones.

He loves to share things that he is passionate about. He made a YouTube channel in collaboration with Thiago Passos that is called: Angular in 5 Minutes to help others understanding Angular in a simpler manner. He also have been giving talk at Angular HackDay and .Net Melbourne User Group

When he is not working, he likes to play games, do road trips, and brew his own coffee. He also actively participates as a singer, conductor, and pianist in a youth community choir.

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