SSW Rewards app

Scan SSW QR codes, earn SSW Points, claim rewards, and win prizes!

The SSW app allows people to scan SSW employees QR codes and then see their points increase and move up the leaderboard. When they have enough points, the app informs them of the prize that they just won. More on Adam's Blog.

About the project

SSW Rewards is an open source project and can be found on GitHub

It comprises a front end written in Xamarin Forms and a back end written in ASP.NET Core.

Note: At SSW we also have an admin portal on Azure DevOps internally, used for managing content, user notifications and reporting.

You are free to use and adapt the code on GitHub, and submit a pull request to help the community! Contact SSW if you are interested in us adapting this for your own business.

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Launched at NDC Sydney conference

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