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Do you add branding to screenshots?

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You can communicate better by using screenshots with balloons and other visual elements (arrows, shapes, and highlights) instead of only text. Read the benefits of using screenshots.

We recommend you define a standard style for your visual elements by changing the default colors and shapes according to your branding.

More Information on SSW Branding

2019 10 14 Snagit No Branding Example
Figure: Bad example - shapes being used and branding not followed

2019 10 14 Snagit Branding Example
Figure: Good example - using balloons and arrows instead and brand colours used

2019 10 14 Snagit Themes
Figure: SSW theme already includes all tools you need with our branding

Instructions to create and use Snagit themes can be found at Quick Style Themes Tutorial.

Tip #1: You can automatically have your SSW Snagit presets on sign-in via a script. See Tip #2: Save your images in PNG instead of JPG for better quality.

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