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Do you build a YES ladder to your outbound script?

Created on 09 Apr 2018 | Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 09 Apr 2018 11:41 PM (about 3 years ago)

A good way to avoid the nasty dial tone midway through your introduction is to ask them questions which they will answer "YES" to. This is known in marketing as establishing a YES Ladder. The theory is when prospects become so used to saying 'yes' to you, that when you eventually close on them to make a sale, they have been put in such a positive mind frame and use to answering YES to the sale. Another good benefit of a YES ladder is to provide you with a chance to screen your prospects and identify the dead leads and get feedback.

So after you've done your introduction here's an example how your conversation should develop. Let's say we're trying to sell some developer training:

Question 1: Jane, have you considered any extra IT training since starting your job? (those that answer no, you're not likely to be targeting) Prospect: Yes

Question 2: So you'd be interested in increasing your technical programming skills then? Prospect: Yes

Question 3:  Great! We're holding unique hands-on developer training sessions which may benefit you greatly. Is this of interest? Prospect:  OOH YES! Scott:  (I'll have what she's having!) Fantastic! The courses on offer include our SSW Tech Breakfast etc...

After the prospect has said yes to you three times it's going to be hard for them to decline when you ask them if they would like to find out some more information thus making it hard for them to give you an excuse to get off the phone.

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