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Do you confirm there is no checked out data?

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One of the annoying things with SharePoint document libraries is that users often accidentally leave checked out files, that preventing others from modifying them.

Suggestion to Microsoft: send an email to the user to remind them they have outstanding checkouts potentially blocking other users.

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Figure: Here Greg Harris has not checked in a file

Upgrade warning: The pages that are not checked-in, will not be migrated on a SharePoint upgrade. There is *no* warning either.

There are 2 ways to remind users of their "checked out files":

  • Solution A: Manage Content and Structure Report (No Code)
  • ** Solution B: Custom application report (Includes some coding work) Eg. SSW.Dory **

Solution A. Manage Content and Structure Report (No Code)

  1. Create CAML query in site content and structure

Go to "Site Settings | Manage Content and Structure | Content and Structure Reports", click "New":

Figure: Create a new report

Fill the "CAML Query": <Where><IsNotNull><FieldRef Name="CheckoutUser" LookupId="TRUE"/></IsNotNull></Where>

Fill the other fields like below:

Figure: Fill in form

  1. Run Checked Out report

Run the checkout report from "Site Settings | Manage Content and Structure | View: Checked out documents":

Figure: Checked Out Documents report link Make sure there are no files checked out, otherwise, go step 3

  1. Go chase after the users.

**Solution B. Custom application report (Includes some coding work) **

TODO: Move this tool to GitHub, find a better name than "SSW.SharePoint.CheckedOutFilesReport". Also change from a farm solution to a solution that can be used on Office365 - now in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online called "Sharepoint Add-ins"

To make reminding users easier, this SharePoint Add-in has a custom page to show the "Checked out files". One button will send the notification email to all the naughty people.

Even better, we have also improved the application with a scheduled task using SharePoint CSOM API to find checked out files and send these notification emails automatically every night.

     <img class="ssw-rteStyle-ImageArea" alt="CheckedOutFilesApplicationReport.png" src="CheckedOutFilesApplicationReport.png">
  <dd>Figure: One button reminds all users of their "Checked out Files"

Hi Sophie,

You have some pages checked out in SharePoint.

  1. You should check in at least daily. Revise our SSW rule on Frequent SharePoint Check-ins.
  2. If you are no longer editing these files, check them in!
  3. Reply to this email with something like: ‘Done - x files checked in’

You currently have the following pages checked out:

        <font color="#3a66cc"><a href="/rules/do-you-confirm-there-is-no-checked-out-data">http://&lt;siteurl&gt;/DesignandPresentation/RulesToBetterVideoRecording/Pages/Default.aspx</a>  (parent folder)</font>

        <font color="#3a66cc"><a href="/rules/do-you-confirm-there-is-no-checked-out-data">http://&lt;siteurl&gt;/DesignandPresentation/RulesToBetterVideoRecording/Pages/testing-rule.aspx</a>  (parent folder)</font>

Tip: See all files you have checked out at http://<siteurl>/_layouts/SSWReports/CheckedOutReport.aspx

<As per rule>;

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Figure: An example of the reminder email that all users receive **


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