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Do you contact the media from time to time?

Created on 04 Feb 2015 | Last updated by Camilla Rosa Silva on 06 Mar 2019 03:56 AM (about 2 years ago)

It is important for us to contact the media from time to time as they are the people who can get our products and services out to the world easily. It is a good way to advertise products.

When you find a media contact you think is appropriate to contact, add them to CRM then tag them as MEDIAJ - Media - Journalist.

Then send an email like this:


My name is Adam Cogan and I just checked out your site

I saw your column XXX and thought it wouldn't hurt to tell you more about SSW XXX product that does XXX.

More than happy to give you a free copy and more information. Please reply to this email if you want one.

Thanks, Adam Cogan

Marlon MaresciaMarlon Marescia

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