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Do you create a Sprint Forecast? (aka The functionality that will be developed during the Sprint)

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After the Sprint PlanningMeeting, it is useful for the Development Team to send the Product Owner (PO) a Sprint Forecast for the next Sprint. Doing this helps to improve common understanding in, and sometimes to enforce, the relationship between the PO and the Team.

This is simply an agreement between the Development Team and the PO for one Sprint and should be confirmed via an e-mail at the beginning of every Sprint.

“The implementation team agrees to do its best to deliver an agreed on set of features (scope) to a defined quality standard by the end of the sprint. (Ideally they deliver what they promised, or even a bit more.) The Product Owner agrees not to change his instructions before the end of the Sprint.”

- Agile Project management

Each of the Sprints in a Scrum project can be considered a mini-project that has Time (Sprint Length), Scope (Sprint Backlog), Quality (Definition of Done) and Cost (Team Size*Sprint Length). Only the scope can vary and this is measured every sprint.

Figure: Good Example - copy this as email template and send to Product Owner. ** **Subject: <Client Name>: Sprint xxx Forecast

Tip: Use this Outlook email template

More instructions are as below:

  1. Go to Azure DevOps and navigate to the current sprint's backlog view. E.g.\_sprints/backlog/Northwind/ProjectName/Sprint%201
  2. Paste to the Forecast email, and format the table:

    • Remove any useless columns!
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