Do you know how to follow up an unanswered email?

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Sometimes the person you send your email to may not reply immediately because they're busy or just may have forgotten about it.

If you need an answer, remind them by:

  1. Sending an IM with the words "(PING) - {{ EMAIL SUBJECT }}"

If you still get no response, then:

  1. Reply to the email thread with a PING:

    • Put (PING) in 1st line of the Body
    • Remember to reply to ALL
    • Feel free to include any other reminders, such as "following-up, and looking forward to your reply" or "Need an answer please"

Tip: Do not use (RESEND) as it may sound aggressive.

Figure: Good example - (PING) written at the top of the email

Of course you might use slightly friendlier language following up a client or a third party compared with following up a colleague! If it's really important and you need an answer you might like to consider using the phone instead of email.

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