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Do you know how to follow up an unanswered email?

Last updated by Brady Stroud on 15 Mar 2021 10:57 pm (2 months ago) See History

Sometimes the person you send your email to may not reply immediately because they're busy or just may have forgotten about it. If you need an answer, reming them by adding a PING to the thread:

  1. Reply to ALL
  2. Put (PING) in 1st line of the Body
  3. Plus any other instructions - such as "Hurry Up!" or "following-up, and looking forward to your reply" or "Need an answer please"

Figure: Good Example - (PING) written at the top of the email

Of course you might use slightly friendlier language following up a client or a third party compared with following up a colleague! If it's really important and you need an answer you might like to consider using the phone instead of email.

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