SEM - Do you know how to keep track of your PPC campaign spend?

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It is hard to keep track of your PPC spending in your head when you are constantly adjusting spends for multiple campaigns. At SSW we have multiple campaigns running on a weekly basis. Sometimes we adjust the spend on a campaign for a week to test out a new lead generation tactic to see if we can get a lower cost per conversion.

SSW has a daily budget to spend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and Bing. At times we swap the budget from one platform to another to increase our conversions if the campaign is doing exceptionally well.

The best way to keep track of the monthly spend and make sure we don't go over our budget for the month is to hold a weekly meeting every Monday. The following spreadsheet Campaign PPC Spend.xlsx should be prepared before the meeting for stakeholders to review.

During the meeting we cover the following:

  1. The spend for the last week
  2. The spend for the upcoming week

At the end of the meeting, the spreadsheet is emailed to the stakeholders. The email should contain:

  1. The amount to be spent on each campaign on each platform
  2. A link to the spreadsheet on your internal intranet - hopefully, SharePoint :-)
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