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Do you know not to send attachments in emails?

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It's better to use links to a portal or document store instead of having attachments in your emails.

If you're sending to a fellow employee, use a link to a document store on your intranet (e.g.

If you're sending to a client, it would be a link to a document store on their project portal. (e.g.

Email Attachment 1 small
Figure: Bad example - Don't send attachments by mail

Figure: Bad example - Don't use location / filename in the link (URL)

Tip: If you're using SharePoint, then an even better way to do this is to use a tool like OnePlaceMail to insert a link from SharePoint

insert link in email to sharePoint item png
Figure: Good Example - Use OnePlaceMail to send a link to a document in SharePoint

Using the Document ID Feature in SharePoint will help minimise broken links under the following scenarios:

  1. Company Restructures / SharePoint restructures
  2. Records Management – when items are moved to the Record Centre

insert link in email to sharePoint item with document id png
Figure: Good Example - The use of the SharePoint Document ID as part of the link (URL) formation

If you are using a shared DropBox, then put in a reference like so:

I've moved the file to our DropBox at: 
SSW_Designers/Project – FireBootCamp/Admin/FireBootCamp-USA-Ultra-Advert.pptx

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