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Do you run Dog Food Stats (After)?

Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 18 Feb 2021 11:56 pm (3 months ago) See History

Running the DogFoodStats queries over the new TFS 2015 server is a good way to see if the upgrade was successful.

You should check the new values against the stats you recorded from your TFS 2013 Update 4 databases.

  • a. On your TFS 2015 databases, run the DogFoodStats queries and save the results.
  • b. Check that the numbers are the same or very close.  Note any big differences.

Note:  The numbers may not be identical due to schema changes.

Recent Users 31

Users with Assigned Work Items 144

Version Control Users 244

Total Work Items 20608

Areas and Iterations 1838

Work Item Versions 93300

Work Item Attachments 11332

Work Item Queries 12768

Compressed File Sizes 21230

Uncompressed File Sizes 39504

Checkins 53302

Shelvesets 386

Merge History 846922

Pending Changes 947

Workspaces 259

Local Copies 4197428

CheckIn                 164 Get                        474 Shelve                    63 Upload                   115 VCDownloadHandler    949 GetWorkItem          491 QueryWorkitems       601 Update               240

**Figure: Example DogFoodStats after the upgrade **

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