Webinar - Do you use Automated Webinars for running Webinars in multiple Time Zones?

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Using automated webinars allows users in different time zones to view the webinar at a time that is convenient for them.

At SSW we run webinars in multiple time zones around the world. Our webinars are attended by people from Europe, US, Australia and Asia. Because we want people to see the webinar at time that is suitable for them, we have been running our webinars in three different time zones.

This means that we have create three different pages on Eventbrite for signups. We also have to have a technical person wake up early in the morning on the day to run the first webinar for the US audience. They then run the webinar at 11:00am for the Australian and Asia attendees, and finally they stay back at work until 10pm that night to run the webinar for the European audience.

Because of the different time zones and because we want to keep the quality of the video high so we can put the webinar recording on our website SSW TV we prerecord the webinars and then play them at the relevant times. You can see an example of a recorded webinar at http://tv.ssw.com/5682/how-to-make-web-applications-with-angularjs-and-asp-net-mvc-dev-superpowers-episode-7

Creating the multiple Eventbrite pages for multiple time zones are prone to error and is very labour intensive to keep updated along with the landing pages. Also having a staff member come in early and work late is not sustainable.

To overcome these issues started to automate our webinars. This means that the webinars will run without anyone from our company having to do anything. We record the webinar on a video, upload it to the software and then at the appropriate times the webinars automatically are played.

What is even better is that each person can see the times we nominate in their time zone so the times are always during business hours. For example someone from the US will see the times at 11:00am in their time zone. Someone in Europe will see the time at 11:00am in their time zone and someone from Australia will see it at 11:00am in their time zone.

When they get on the webinar at their time, the video starts playing for them.

The has cut down time for us in creating multiple landing pages and the time to actually run the webinar.

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