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Do you use the best static site tech stack?

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Pure HTML pages are the fastest website around. However, server-side scripting languages enable richer functionality. Static sites solve this problem by providing the best of both worlds. Static sites are

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Fast

On the other hand, complex functionality can be a bit more limited and time consuming to implement.

Two examples of static sites in action are SSW People and SSW Rules.

There are a few hosting options to choose from including:

There are also many different static site generators:

  • Gatsby (recommended)

    • React based
    • Lots of plugins
    • Data handling via GraphQL
    • Works natively with GitHub as a Datasource.
  • Jekyll

  • Next.js

    • React based
    • Server-side rendered pages but can be exported as a static site
    • Provides full control over which data handling technology you use
    • More scalable than conventional static site generators
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