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Do you use the best Web UI libraries?

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Don't waste time evaluating which Web UI libraries to use. Most of the commonly used libraries are very similar in functionality. The recommended library is Bootstrap .

It's the most popular available framework today, which means more people involved in the project, more tutorials and articles from the community, more real-world examples/websites, more third-party extensions, and better integration with other web development products

Figure: Leader among frameworks today, Bootstrap toolkit is recommended to build successful websites

The 3 things a developer need to know to get up and running quickly with ASP.NET MVC

Twitter Bootstrap & ASP.NET MVC - Intro / Quickstart

Other useful frameworks

Now that you saved a lot of UI development time by using Bootstrap, you can play around with other useful frameworks.

  • KendoUI for enhanced HTML and jQuery controls
  • SignalR for real-time web functionality
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