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Do you use Twitter Bootstrap?

Created on 23 Jul 2012 | Last updated by Tiago Araujo on 17 Sep 2020 09:12 PM (7 months ago)

Efficient programmers do not re-invent the wheel. That's why we use the best Web UI libraries.

Twitter Bootstrap is a NuGet Package that provides a jump-start for HTML based projects. It includes the HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework used by Twitter, to build the Twitter site.

Building your site on top of bootstrap makes it much easier to have your website look great on devices of all sizes, across many different browsers.

bootstrap 1
Figure: This website template, along with many others is available as a starting point for building Bootstrap-based sites

Figure: Bad example - Many websites built by using tables for positioning would render poorly on smaller devices, and be hard to use

bootstrap 3
Figure: Good example - Twitter Bootstrap uses many techniques to help make your site look great on different browsers, on all devices

Read our Rules to Better UI (Bootstrap).


Bootstrap, from Twitter


Alternatively, TailwindCSS is also acceptable. The difference between the Tailwind and Bootstrap is a matter of how comfortable you are with CSS.

Out of the box, Tailwind is lightweight and will get the job done simply; you can build a website without ever having to look at CSS.

Bootstrap requires theme customization, but it’s more robust and solid once done. Read more about these differences.

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