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Do you 'zz' old files rather than deleting them?

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When you are regularly creating new releases of a cool .NET application or simply producing new proposals in Microsoft Word, files will inevitably become outdated. Rather than hit the DELETE key put a 'zz' at the front of the filename. The old versions should not be deleted straight away - it is just an unnecessary risk! The zz'd files can remain there until you need more space, then you should delete them.

Obsolete old files aggressively
Figure: 'ZZ' your files rather than deleting them! Alternatively add a folder named zz and move the outdated files into the new folder.

Note: Other systems are used that are less aggressive than our 'zz' rule.

  • In .NET, the keyword obsolete is used to mark types and members of types that should no longer be used - these then turn up as a compiler warning.
  • In HTML, the keyword deprecated is used.

Both allow for some backward compatibility.

See our Rules to Better SQL Server Databases - Do you add zs prefix to table name?

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