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Dones - Do your 'Dones' include a URL?

Last updated by Tiago Araújo [SSW] on 21 Jul 2022 10:26 pm (21 days ago) See History

Always include the relevant URL to your "Done" emails, like when you make a change to a webpage or document. This way people can check the work that was done.

If you are using a task tracking system like Azure DevOps, GitHub, or Jira, also include the link to the PBI/issue/task.

Tip: Sometimes it is important to give context and reasoning to your 'Done' emails too.


Figure: Bad example - How can we check the task was done correctly?

Done -

Figure: Good example - Easy to check what was done

Done - as requested on

Figure: Good example - Easy to check what was done + includes the context of the task within the Sprint

Ensure your changes are live

Scenario: PR waiting for approval

::: greybox Done - ::: ::: bad Figure: Bad example - Link is included but changes are not live yet :::

::: greybox (PR waiting for approval)
Done - ::: ::: ok Figure: OK example - Link is included, changes are not live yet, but people are aware :::

  • Scenario: PR approved and merged

    Done -

    Figure: Good example - Link is included and changes are live to be checked

Ensure others have permission

It is a common problem where someone CCed will not have permissions to see a file and the sender knows this. You should still add the link but inform the recipient.

Scenario: Recipient doesn't have permissions

::: greybox Done - ::: ::: bad Figure: Bad example - Link is included but recipient won't be able to open it, potentially generating more emails :::

::: greybox (link for reference - you don't have permissions)
Done - ::: ::: good Figure: Good example - Link is included and people are aware of permission issues :::

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