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Do you highlight actions correctly in your document?

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When highlighting items (file names, user commands etc.) be sure to:

  1. Distinguish the items from the rest of the surrounding text; and
  2. Be consistent

Use the following rules to highlight items in your document:

Style Use this style on Example
Bold text Menus, commands, dialog box options, file names and paths To access the application, click **Start
UPPER CASE Code keywords and database elements Use the INNER JOIN clause in SQL Server to join one table to another.
Initial Capitals + Bold File paths and file names Now open C:\My Documents\Invoice.doc.
Monospace (Courier New font) Code samples, error messages You will see the following error: error opening database: database is currently in use.

Remember: Never underline the text if it isn't a link, as per Do you use underlines only on links?

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