Google Business - Do you know how to optimize your business profile?

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It’s important to keep all information about your business online up to date. The easiest way is to review your current Google My Business listing and optimize the data to ensure your clients (or potential clients) can still find you - even if you need to change your phone number or move to a new address.

Here are a few ways you can keep your listing updated and optimized:

  1. Review your business name – is the name listed correctly? Is it consistent with social media or your website for example?
  2. Review your address – double-check if it includes a suite, or the correct number.
  3. Review your phone number – is the phone number the same one you have on your website? Or social media too? If not, get it fixed.
  4. Business description and category – ensure you have this information listed to help attract potential customers.
  5. Respond to customer reviews – either you get good or bad reviews, make sure you engage with your client. If there was a problem, try to understand the situation and help them. If you received a glowing review, don’t forget to say thanks too!
  6. Add your products and services – depending on your product or service, you will have access to one of these tabs in Google My Business. Here, a pro tip is to make the best of your SEO and use keywords that people usually use to look for the product/service.
  7. Upload cool and real photos of your business – You can have cover and logo images, or update relevant photos of your business or product. Good examples here are front and inside of your business, your team, events, or specific shots e.g. your menu if you own a restaurant.
  8. Update hours for public holidays or COVID-19-like scenarios – If there is a public holiday coming up, it’s likely Google will send you an email with a reminder to do an update – however, we recommend you check them at the beginning of every year, so you don’t miss out an update. Can you imagine a client showing up to a closed business?
  9. Posting feature – Finally, you can use the posting feature. If you want to share a new service you are offering or hosting an event, you can use this feature to communicate it to your customers.
  10. SEO – Make sure you mention the relevant keywords users might be looking for in your industry. This will make your profile more ‘Googable’.
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