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Do you include version numbers in your file?

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It is very important to have your Word, PowerPoint, PDFs and other documents up-to-date and having the version number on the RHS of the footer is the best way to show which version you are looking at.

Please read to understand how you increase the version number:

Major 1.0 - rarely change - only with major upgrades (e.g. complete redesign)

Minor 1.1 - new features / release (customer facing) - (e.g. add/remove a heading or a section)

Revision 1.11 - emergency maintenance, spelling fixes

It is also good practice to include a version number in the name of the file. This helps us to navigate through the old and the new versions. It makes it easy if we decide to roll back any changes and use an older version.

For example:

extreme_email_file extreme_email_new_file extreme_email_latest

Figure: Bad Example - These files do not show any version information.

Extreme_Emails_v1 Extreme_Emails_v2 CodeAuditor_Ver1 CodeAuditor_Ver2

Figure: Good Example - These files show the version information.

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