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Do you keep your Dynamics 365 Online synced with Azure AD?

Last updated by Brook Jeynes [SSW] 6 months ago.See history

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online as your CRM solution, you might have noticed that it syncs some Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) fields automatically.

Dynamics 365 Online leverages Azure AD fields to import information to users, e.g.:

  1. First Name;
  2. Last Name;
  3. Job Title;
  4. Address

And, depending on your configuration, these Azure AD fields might be coming directly from on-premises Active Directory (AD), which means that any changes made in AD will go through all the way to Dynamics 365 Online!

That also means that if you change a field in Dynamics 365 directly, that might get overwritten by the value in Azure AD in the next sync (usually every 15-30 minutes), so make sure you make that field read-only so users are not led to error.

Recommended fields to keep as read-only in Dynamics 365:

  1. Username;
  2. Title (Job Title);
  3. Address

You can find more information on official Microsoft documentation: Azure active directory attributes that are synced to Dynamics 365 / CDS.

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