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Less is More - Do you always try to reduce complexity?

Created on 27 Nov 2012 | Last updated by Rebecca Liu on 11 Jun 2014 06:15 AM (almost 7 years ago)

The human brain:

  1. Never searches for OR compares all options
  2. Prefers smaller sets of options (4 or less)
  3. Picks the first option that looks good enough
  4. Prefers a shorter option to a longer one
  5. Makes a compromise between speed and accuracy

It's important to keep these in mind when making design decisions or presenting data.

Our visual short term memory has a capacity of 4 items. So options are easier for our brain to digest when presented in sets of 4.

Figure: Blocks of 4 or less menu items are easier for the brain to consume

Figure: Even though the iPad has a larger screen estate, it still uses a max of 4 icons across

Figure: Good Example - A great example of removing complexity.

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