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Less is More - Do you know people scan, not read?

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People rarely read word by word; instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences that seems more relevant.

It is important to divide information, not show it all at once. The visual organization of information is vital to legibility. When displaying information or controls, designers need to visually convey:

  1. Information structure
  2. Relation between elements
  3. Importance and relevance of elements

bad informationscan
Figure: Bad example - Can you find how to check in?

good informationscan
Figure: Good example - What about here? Can you find how to check in?

Another example of scanning, not reading is visually mapping.

Bad Mapping
Figure: Bad Example - Which is the dial that controls the top-right stove?

Good Mapping
Figure: Good Example - In this layout, it's easy to see which dial controls which stove

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