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Clarity - Do you make the communication more efficient by referring back to a subject of an email?

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Use IM to chase up that important email. You can make it easy for everyone (or at least give them the context of your questions) by pasting the email subject.

I sent you an email just now, please approve

Figure: Bad example - client need to filter his emails manually

I need you to reply to my email... Subject: CBA Software Audit

Figure: Good example - client can search your email based on the subject

Tip: Use text formatting

To make your messages more visually appealing, you can use "> {{ MESSAGE }}" in Microsoft Teams chats to highlight your message as a quote. This works particularly well when you want to refer to an email subject, i.e:

good example   use formatting
Figure: Good example - Mentioning an email using the "> {{ MESSAGE }}" formatting

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