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Reports - Do you have a standard Report footer?

Last updated by AndrewCampey on 07 Mar 2017 06:50 am (over 5 years ago) See History

When designing custom applications you want to include branding on reports. You should always include a useful and informative footer at the bottom of your reports.


  1. Date and Time Printed and User who printed it - see warning below (e.g. Printed by SSW2000\JatinValabjee on 3/1/2006 3:16:30 PM)
  2. Execution Time (e.g. Execution time: 1 minute, 10 seconds)
  3. Page x of y (e.g. Page 3 of 10)
  4. Link to company website + slogan (e.g. - Writing software people understand)

Bad Example - This footer doesn't provide any useful information

Good Example - Useful and informative information should be displayed in your report footer

Use these handy report expressions to show the above information.

NOTE: Do not use System.DateTime.Now for your Execution Time because if you do it will return the result at time of printing the document/PDF. Instead store the value in a variable (for example GroupExecutionTime) and then call that.

Footer Item Expression Sample Output
Date and Time Printed / User ID ="Printed by " + User!UserID + " on " +
Globals!ExecutionTime.ToString() Printed by SSW2000\JatinValabjee on 3/1/2006 3:16:30 PM
Execution Time ="Execution Time: " +
                        IIf((Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).TotalSeconds < 1, "0 


                        IIf((Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Hours > 0, (Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Hours & " hour(s), ", "") +

                        IIf((Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Minutes > 0, (Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Minutes & " minute(s), ", 
                        "") +

                        IIf((Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Seconds > 0, (Variables!GroupExecutionTime.Value.Subtract(Globals!ExecutionTime).Seconds & " second(s)", ""))

                     | Execution time: 1 minute, 10 seconds |

| Page x of y | ="Page " + Globals!PageNumber.ToString() + " of " + Globals!TotalPages.ToString() | Page 3 of 10 |

Good Example - Footer in visual studio designer

Warning: Adding the User who printed it stops all data-driven subscriptions
When you try to add the User your data-driven subscriptions will fail with the following error: 'The '/GroupHealth' report has user profile dependencies and cannot be run unattended. (rsHasUserProfileDependencies)'.
A quick workaround is to add a user function to fallback the error to a nice message, like: "SYSTEM",

Public Function UserName()


Return Report.User!UserID


Return "System"

End Try

End Function

Use above function to replace your reference to Report.User!UserID will allow the subscription to work correctly.

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