Do you know the best package manager for React?

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When it comes to package management in JavaScript, 3 major players dominate the scene. Have you considered which one offers the best synergy with your development goals?

While all three package managers have their strengths, the choice often boils down to the specific needs of a project and the preferences of the development team. Yarn offers a balanced blend of speed and reliability, npm provides familiarity and wide adoption, and pnpm shines in terms of efficiency and space-saving.

1. npm

npm logo

Overview: npm has long been the backbone of JavaScript development. It is the default package manager for the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment and has been widely adopted by the developer community.

Notable Incident: In 2016, the removal of the "left-pad" package from npm caused widespread issues, making developers reconsider their reliance on the platform.


  • Mature & Widely Adopted: npm has a long history and vast package repository.
  • Integrated with Node.js: Being the default for Node.js makes it straightforward for many developers.

yarn logo

Overview: Introduced by Facebook, Yarn was developed as an alternative to npm, addressing some of the issues developers faced with npm.


  • Speed: Yarn is known for its faster package installation times compared to npm.
  • Offline Support: Once you've installed a package with Yarn, it can be reinstalled without an internet connection, preventing potential disruptions like the "left-pad" incident.
  • Deterministic Installs: Yarn generates a lock file to ensure consistent installations across different systems.

pnpm logo

Overview: pnpm is a newer entrant in the package manager arena, but it brings unique features to the table.


  • Efficiency: pnpm's installation speed is even faster than Yarn's and npm's due to its unique approach of linking packages from a global cache.
  • Disk Space Savings: By linking to a global cache, pnpm ensures packages aren't redundantly stored across multiple projects.
  • Strict Package Isolation: pnpm ensures that projects get exactly what they need and no additional, potentially conflicting packages.
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