Twitter - do you use Twitter for Professionals for business accounts?

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If you are using your Twitter account for business, there are benefits to be had from using Twitter for Professionals:

Twitter for Professionals is free to activate in the settings of your Twitter account. It provides:

  • Additional Profile Information: More profile information and links, freeing up space in your bio for more detail.
  • Newsletters: You can set up a mailing list, send out regular content, and advertise the subscription link on your profile.
  • Ticketed Twitter Spaces: Host live audio events with speakers and Q&A sessions and sell tickets to monetize them.
  • Super Follows: By activating Super Follows you can charge followers who want to receive extra content.
  • Tips: Users can leave you a tip for a tweet.
  • Quick Promote: Easier set up for ads without going through the Twitter Ads page.

It is ideal to use for businesses or for content creators looking to monetize their account.

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Figure: Twitter for Professionals - new profile information

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