SSW has been developing software since 1990. Here's a brief summary of our history:

2021 - SSW Newcastle now open!

SSW Newcastle is our 4th Aussie office. On the Opening Party, there were local software developers, SSW employees (both past and present), and even our first ever client came along with his family! It was awesome that so many people celebrated with us. Read Adam's post about this.

2019 - SSW TV exceeds 3 million views on YouTube

Each year our video team does better and better work. Our most popular video released in 2019 was "Clean Code with Entity Framework Core" by Brendan Richards, which accounted for 8% of new views this year.

2019 - SSW.Rewards mobile app was released during NDC Sydney

This year, we wanted to meet as many developers as possible and really connect with the community, so we gamified our swag and launched our SSW Rewards App (on iOS and Android stores). The app was developed quickly in under 2 weeks! Read Adam's post about this.

2019 - Renovation in Sydney office was completed

We have have completely renovated our Sydney office: we got brand new glass walls, lighting, monitors, stand-up desks, ergonomic chairs, lockers, cabinets, beautiful plants and new adehesive signage around the office to give each space a bit of personality. Our team is really happy to work in Sydney with the new ambience!

2018 - SSW Sydney is automated

The Sydney office now is automated with the Control4 app. We can control shades, doors, air conditioners, lights, signage, secutiry alarms and much more with it.

2018 - SSW launches 2 new user groups: Melbourne .NET UG and the Brisbane Full Stack UG

Two more cities have been added to our monthly User Groups - Melbourne and Brisbane. Developers will meet to exchange ideas and listen to presentations by local and international industry experts.

2017 - SSW opens a new office in Hangzhou, China

SSW China was established in 2004, in Beijing. We now have a second office in Hangzhou. In the past ten years, SSW China has served hundreds of domestic large and medium-sized enterprises such as Huawei, Jingdong and Agricultural Bank of China.

2016 - SSW TV exceeds 1 million views

At the end of SSW TV's first year, we had 50,000 views. In our fifth year, we're at more than 20 times that. Read Adam's post about this.

2015 - SSW opens in a new office in Melbourne

SSW opened its newest office in funky Hardware Lane in the Melbourne CBD. Come visit our office.

2015 - FireBootCamp wins the Microsoft Australia Partner Award (MAPA) for Excellence in Learning

Microsoft has recognized our innovative and holistic approach to training, and seen the value of the fantastic course outcomes, even though the numbers are substantially smaller than the large learning institutions.

2014 - Global Growth

SSW expanded to Europe - Slovenia and Belgium. We now have offices delivering custom solutions in 5 different continents.

2014 - SSW launches FireBootCamp, the 9-week .NET intensive training course

In January we had the first ever FireBootCamp, SSW's 9-week intensive course focused on software development methodologies based on building modern web applications with ASP.NET MVC.

2014 - Introduced the New SSW Logo

Adam unveiled the new SSW logo believing the modern look will carry us further into the future.

2013 - Launch of Event Cinemas Website

SSW's latest project, the new site at went live to the public this year, showcasing SSW's design and development skills superbly.

2012 - Live streaming of the Sydney .NET User Group

The wildly popular Sydney .NET User Group expanded its reach exponentially by live streaming every month, allowing attendees from all over the world.

2011 - Launch of SSW TV

SSW becomes the 1st tech company in Australia to have our own video channel at and we also offer video services to our clients.

2010 - TFS and Scrum

SSW is the first company to go live with a TFS 2010 system in production, and delivers world standard Scrum training.

2009 - 'Powered by Software Teams, not Individuals'

SSW further focuses its development methodologies and completes a transition from Agile to Scrum.
SSW is awarded as one of only a handful of Certified Scrum Training companies worldwide endorsed by Ken Schwaber.
SSW has more Scrum Certified Trainers than any other company in Australia.
Mark Hetherington joins the team as a productivity and workflow consultant.
SSW opens its UK office headed by Microsoft ALM MVP Martin Hinshelwood.

2008 - SharePoint Takes Off

SharePoint 2007 is one of the fastest growing technology offerings in Microsoft's history. SSW is a recognized leader in SharePoint development and builds the biggest SharePoint site in Australia. SSW also designs, develops and deploys the Microsoft site.

2007 - 'Future Thinking, Immediate Results'

By embracing Agile software development approaches, SSW streamlines its offerings to clients and is recognized as a leader in rapid application development for businesses and companies. Technologies such as jQuery become popular and re-invigorate the web space.

2006 - Global Reach Extends

SSW opens its China office.

2005 - Global Growth

SSW develops key skills in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
SSW opens its Brazil office.

2004 - 'Writing Software People Understand'

SSW's focus extends to Microsoft SharePoint and delivers solutions including mid-sized business portals.

2003 - 'Building Better Microsoft Solutions'

Microsoft's .NET platform is updated to 1.1 and SSW becomes a premier developer of Windows and Web solutions using .NET
SSW provides migration services, consulting, and products to help companies migrate from VB6 and Access to .NET.

2002 - Launch of Westbus Charter Booking system on .NET 1.1

SSW replaced an existing DOS system, to automate quote calculation and to integrate with Microsoft Great Plains Accounting for invoicing.
In conjunction with SQL Server, the new system could generate reports powered by Crystal Reports whislt being exportable to Acrobat PDF.

2002 - 'Business? How Can We Help You Today?'

Microsoft releases .NET 1.0? SSW is an early adopter.
Adam Cogan (SSW) and Charles Sterling (Microsoft) do the keynote and launch the .NET runtime to Aussie developers.
SSW renames User Group to be the 'Sydney .NET User Group'.

2001 - 'Leverage the Power of Rich Windows Applications'

SSW delivers numerous Windows client solutions using VB6 and Access.
SSW works with beta version of .NET Framework 1.0 and releases the very first ASP.NET web application in Australia (running on the beta).
User Group presents on Web Services for the first time in Australia.

2000 - Brochure design for TechEd back in the 2000's

Figure: SSW celebrates IE5 with a new brochure for TechEd hold in Cairns.

2000 - Microsoft Recognition

SSW's Chief Software Architect - Adam Cogan - awarded as a Microsoft Regional Director.

1999 - SSW Software Products

SSW releases its first server product: Exchange Reporter
SSW recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

1997 - SSW releases its first set of 'Rules' for software development

The Rules have since grown to more than 3,000 separate rules covering Microsoft technologies and software development methodologies.
SSW Upsizing PRO! becomes the leading 3rd party tool for Access.
Sydney Access User Group renamed to 'Sydney Access/VB/ASP/SQL Server User Group'.

1996 - 'Awesome Web Development'

SSW builds extensive experience in web development and becomes one of Sydney's leading ASP development companies.
SSW releases its first commercial application: Data PRO! for Access

1995 - Visual Basic

SSW embraces developing applications in Visual Basic.
SSW starts getting serious with SQL Server 6.0 giving enterprise-level back-ends to their Access and VB apps.

1993 - We become SSW

Customers start referring to us regularly as SSW. It sticks.

1992 - 'Building your Business on Access'

The company focuses on Microsoft Access solutions and is one of the premier Access development companies in Australia.
Clients start sending cheques made out to SSW instead of Superior Software for Windows. Banks honour the cheques!
The company launches the 'Sydney Access User Group'.

1990 - Superior Software for Windows - is born!

The company mission is to provide excellence in software development, targeting the Microsoft Windows 3.0 platform.