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If you're looking for a fast, responsive front-end that doesn't tie you to a specific platform and has the backing of a giant like Google, then Angular is the framework for you.

SSW are Australia's top Angular development consultancy and are leaders in educating the developer community with sold out Angular Superpowers Tours, Angular Hack Days, Angular Webinars, 2-Day Workshops and Angular Mentoring programs.

Our enterprise clients love Angular, be it government or large insurance firms, Angular enables you to get systems into production in record time and allows you to be more ambitious with what you want to achieve.

Fast Performance

Applications created with Angular are Single Page Applications (SPA), loading the application is achieved in a single page load, with other resources being loaded when they are required. Rather than refreshing the browser every time a page changes, Angular only changes parts of the page, achieving the maximum possible speed over the web today.

Cross Platform

With Angular, you can develop across all platforms and build apps for any deployment target, including web, native mobile and native desktop.


Making complex user interfaces with older frameworks often results in large amounts of unstructured JavaScript that quickly turns into difficult to maintain spaghetti code. This is where Angular really shines, with new JavaScript modules and TypeScript, Angular is a highly structured, intuitive framework.


Angular has been the most dominant front-end framework for the last seven years and is used by more than a million developers. Why is this important for you? It means there are more third-party libraries and a wealth of online troubleshooting, and in a landscape that churns, is your best bet for a long-lived frontend.

Angular popularity Google search trends
Figure: Angular Popularity - Sourced from Google Web Trends.


  • Composability - Component based architecture
  • Fast & cross platform
  • Productive - Easy to learn and awesome to use
  • Better applications - Modern web concepts

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