Toll Transport is one of Australia's largest logistics and trucking companies. Toll comprises a network of businesses that work individually and collectively to deliver optimal logistics solutions across all industry sectors. Toll was looking to track and understand the movements of their Toll Linehaul fleet across the country. They needed to optimise the travel to reduce costs, meet government compliance, and manage their trucks and drivers.

We make complicated things simple

Toll's scheduling process was very complicated due to trucks, drivers, and trailers all changing mid route. SSW created a user friendly interface for scheduling staff to set routes for trucks more efficiently. We integrated a mobile solution, GPS tracking, and Google maps into the solution, so the data collected could be used to make better business decisions in real time.


Toll was able to meet their compliance requirement sand understand the location of their drivers when emergencies occurred, and inform their clients of delays in real time. Something they could not do in the past. This has revolutionised their business.