China is a booming market and now is the time to take advantage of this growing user base. If you have a successful application that you would like to bring to the Chinese market, then working with SSW can help streamline your entry into this market.

Bringing an application is more than just getting the UI translated. There are other things to consider such as CDNs being blocked by the Chinese government, common services such as YouTube being blocked, and all common "western country" social media sites being blocked.

SSW can assist you in bringing web applications, desktop applications, and mobile applications to the local market.


  • Application localization for the market, not just translation
  • Assistance on getting set up on the local social media networks
  • Ensure your application works in China, and that critical application resources are not blocked by firewall
  • Integration with local services (such as video streaming)

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Application Internationalization

The first stage in getting your application ready for an international market is to enable internationalization. This first step prepares the application by extracting out all hard coded text into "resource strings". These resource strings allow your application to display the UI text in as many languages as required.

The resource strings are translated into the required languages (in this case Chinese). Translation can be done with machine translation, but can also be supplemented with real translators to help increase the accuracy.

side by side comparison of translation
Figure: The first step is to make your application readable in Chinese
resource strings in Visual Studio
Figure: Preparing resource strings in English and Chinese (same written language for both Mandarin and Cantonese)

Social media presence

Promoting your application and business online is an important part of any business strategy. However in China, most of the social media networks that are prevalent in the western world are blocked within China (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). China has local replacements for these microblogging sites, and they have replacements for video streaming that will need to be used.

A solid social media campaign requires being present where the local customers are. SSW can give guidance on the social media networks you should be focusing on, and the type of documentation you will need to prepare to register for them
(The Chinese government requires that social media accounts be linked to an individual).

Local social media account for SSW Link Auditor
You need to set up a local social media presence. Here is Link Auditor on Weibo (China’s Twitter replacement)

Integration with local services

Technology in China needs to be able to run within the isolated Chinese internet. Access to many online services we take for granted are not accessible within China. If your application uses these resources, then it can leave your users unable to interact fully with your application in the best case scenario, or in the worst case leave your application completely broken.

Slack unable to load
Figure: Popular Western sites do not work in China. For example, Slack is unable to load correctly due to resources being hosted on a blocked CDN

A common service used by applications is the use of CDNs to improve load times. Unfortunately using a CDN that is blocked will result in critical pieces of your apps infrastructure being able to load. An application that used the Google CDN for Javascript libraries or Google web fonts would fail to load https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/. But using the Microsoft CDN will result in an application that works http://www.asp.net/ajax/cdn.

At SSW, we use a combination of accessible CDNs and local resource fallback to ensure that Chinese customers get the best performance and reliability.


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