Power BI is a cloud based business analytics service, allowing anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding.


  • Extremely low start-up costs
  • Content Packs and Dashboards built in
  • Integrated into Office 365

Power BI

Before Power BI getting a BI platform up and running in an organization would require a product like SQL Server Reporting or Analytics Services, which would usually mean upfront cost for hardware, licenses and consulting time. Once initial setup was completed there would also be the effort required to create the reporting models, reports and dashboards.

While the traditional reporting platform lives on, there is a new way with a zero startup cost that can have organizations up and running in under day. Power BI.

Power BI ships out of the box with over 60 content packs for all the major applications such as:

  • Development
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Salesforce.com
  • Google Analytics
  • Team Foundation Server
  • And many more
Power BI Services Content Packs
Figure: Power BI Services Content Packs

Along with the content packs, Power BI ships ready to go with Dashboards. Since we love Dynamics CRM at SSW let’s start with a CRM 2015 example:

Dynamics Social Listening using Power BI
Figure: Dynamics Social Listening using Power BI

SSW can help your organization to get the most out of Power BI by helping your organization to create a self-service BI solution. SSW will help setup Power BI and get your organization up and running. We can also help you get your custom data onto the Power BI by utilizing the Power BI REST API.

Video - Create reports within the browser

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