Let SSW give you a slick "Smart Office" or "Smart Home"

The term "smart" is used to describe many different things. Essentially, an office or house becomes smart when its many systems (lights, climate control, music, blinds, air conditioners etc) are tied together under a master control system that can perform automated tasks. The system is accessible from your phone, from anywhere.

The automation systems SSW offer allow you to control all electronic systems and with the touch of a button when you are ready to give a presentation or watch a movie. Watch the lights dim, your blinds close, your thermostat adjusts to your most comfortable temperature and your movie starts!

We offer all types of smart home possibilities, including solutions from Control4 and Nest. Our system design experts will find the solution that best fits your needs and your budget, while our experienced installers will make everything come to life. Best of all it will be easy to use. Say goodbye to the days of having a pile of remote controls sitting on your living room table!

Automation via 3rd Party Driver

While Control4 does not have an external API, SSW simulate a WebAPI via a number of 3rd party drivers Eg. Chowmain have a great Generic TCP Command driver to trigger actions outside of Control4 from Control4 events. They also have a Scheduler driver to schedule Control4 scripts and an IFTTT driver to trigger scripts within Control4 from outside events. Chowmain are developers of Home Automation software and apps.

Wired or Wifi?

Many people believe that lighting control systems have to be installed during construction. This couldn't be further from the truth. While your options are wide open, prior to closing up walls and ceilings, there are still tons of choices for retrofit lighting from companies like Control4.

For the office

Smart Office

Here are some examples for the office...

  • When the first person arrives, disarm and unlock the front door, unlock internal doors, turn on lights, raise the blinds and turn on the air conditioner. Then welcome with that person's favorite music. (One day the coffee will be brewed too!)
  • Presentation ready - Turn the projector on, drop the screen, dim the light and turn up the speakers
  • Had an incident? Check the cameras from anywhere
  • Save Money - Automatically turn off air-conditioning after the last person leaves at night.
  • Monitor Power Usage - Receive alerts if power consumption increases unexpectedly.

For the home

Here are some examples for the home...


  • Bring the magic of your home theater right into your family room
  • Grab your Control4 remote and press one button to dim the lights, lower the shades and start the show
  • Friends are coming over, so pick up your iPad® and select your favorite music to stream into the living room and entertainment spaces
  • See who's at the front door on your Control4 touch screen without interrupting the movie or leaving the couch


  • Just arrived home, one touch on a Control4 remote or your smartphone, sets the perfect lighting level
  • Set a path of lights to welcome you, everytime you open the garage door
  • Control lights at home while you are away on vacation
  • Select a personalized button labeled "goodnight" before bedtime, that shuts off all house lights and turns on an outside light

Safety and Security

  • The front door rings. See who's at the door while cooking in the kitchen
  • Keep an eye on the baby's room or the kids in the yard
  • Turn lights on before you arrive home
  • Lock all the doors by pressing a button on your Control4 remote
  • Check on your vacation home, using your smartphone or tablet


  • Adjust temperature from your smartphone
  • Change or check on settings while out
  • Enjoy greater comfort and energy savings with the scheduling features
  • Use the Control4 thermostat or other popular thermostats like Nest
  • Check on your vacation home, using your smartphone or tablet
House Automation Chart

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I'm sold. What's next?

A Smart Office or Home does not have to be complex. In fact, it should make your life easier. The goal is to simplify how you interact with your office or home. We don't take a "one-size-fits-all" approach with our clients. Talk to an SSW consultant and we will tailor a system to your needs.

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We have consultants available in all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

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