Low quality software costs the economy billions annually. This is due to poor productivity and wasted resources. There is no single silver bullet, but organizations can help themselves by using tools and processes that give themselves the best chance of project success. SSW can help you implement an effective team development strategy to maximize your development team's productivity.

Visual Studio 2010 provides an aggressive set of innovations around test and quality to help software teams deliver superior results - from design to development to testing and Quality Assurance. A new set of architecture tools are built around UML, which allows teams to not only architect solutions in their development environment, but link those designs to requirements in a way that they can be easily referred to and kept up-to-date. Visual Studio 2010 also includes many of the tools developers need to ensure they are meeting the needs of the customer - features such as static code analysis, code metrics, and performance and stress testing. In fact, testers are fully incorporated into the heart of any project with a professional test management and execution tool - Microsoft Test Manager 9MTM). No matter what role you play in the development process, Visual Studio 2010 is built with you in mind to help you meet the needs of your customers.

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ALM Apps
Figure: New Gated Check-in provides a more robust model to ensure quality
ALM Apps
Figure: You get real-time visibility of builds, bugs and tests

Additional Benefits

  • Gated Check-in
  • Continuous Integration
  • Coded UI Tests
  • Microsoft Test Manager for non-technical test teams
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Lab Management

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  • Deployment Automation Setup and training
  • Test Automation setup and training

Additional services offered by SSW

Common Questions

Do I need to learn all these features at once?

No, you can piece together all of the parts as you need with the confidence that it will all work seamlessly together.

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