Source Control is a fundamental part of modern software development. Whether you have one developer or hundreds it is imperative that you can protect your code from mistakes and loss. TFS provides this with a comprehensive version control and branching system that stores all of its data in SQL Server.

Figure: You can now track a change set across branches easily

Additional Benefits

  • All your source code is tracked and owned by you
  • Easy to backup using standard SQL Server backup procedures

Related services offered by SSW:

  • Branching guidance and consultancy
  • Branch Strategy Migrations
  • Migrate Source Safe to TFS 2010
  • Migrate Subversion to TFS 2010
  • Migrate anything to TFS 2010

Common Questions

Do I have to use the Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer interface?

No, there are many options for connecting to TFS 2010. You can use the SvnToTFS Bridge on Codeplex or the new Mercurial interface. For Java developers there is also the Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer Everywhere that integrates with Eclipse.

Do I need to buy a SQL Server license as well?

No, as part of the TFS licensing you get a free limited use copy of SQL Server Standard. If you want to have a dual server deployment, just buy an additional retail TFS license to run SQL Server.
Note: You can only use this SQL Server license for TFS.

Australia and World Wide

We have consultants available in all Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

We also have consultants in Beijing, China and San Francisco, USA.

How To Get Started

To find out if SSW can help your business, give us a call on +61 2 9953 3000 to get started! You can also contact us by email.