Quality Assurance test professionals have two key goals: to validate the quality of an application and improve software. Yet testers often seem like an island apart from the rest of your team. To be effective, their work should be integrated in the same ALM processes and communication workflows as everyone else. They need to collaborate closely with developers and provide the rich information needed to resolve bugs fast. They also need to communicate their progress to non-technical stakeholders with easy-to-understand reports.

Visual Studio 2010 offers key tools to bring test teams into various ALM processes. These tools include better test case management, improved traceability, and a variety of ways to improve testing performance and communication with developers. Testers can now record steps and fast forward to the places where bugs occurred. They can create rich debugging reports that include snapshots and video, and even use IntelliTrace, a tool that enables developers to replay bugs in the exact environment in which they occurred. Test teams can also quickly generate reports and dashboards that communicate test progress and the overall health of the project.

Figure: Automate deployment of environments, both physical and virtual

Additional Benefits

  • Microsoft Test Manager for non-technical testers
  • Lab Management for automated deployment

Related services offered by SSW

  • Manual test tools and UI automation
  • Automated Environment deployment for test

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