How do I report a bad rule/regex in SSW Code Auditor. I found a rule that is incorrect when scanning my files.

To confirm that the rule is indeed incorrect please create test cases for the rule with your code sample that is incorrectly being evaluated. To do this:

  1. Go to the Rules Definition page,
  2. Select the rule you believe is incorrect
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select the Test Cases tab
  5. Click Add
  6. Give your test case a name
  7. Paste your code in the Test Case text area
  8. Click Test
  9. This will evaluate your code and either pass or fail it
  10. If you believe that your code should pass when it has failed then select the Should Pass radio button
  11. If you believe that your code should fail when it has passed then select the Should Fail radio button

Once you have confirmed through your test case that the rule is bad, send an email to info@s* with the subject:

"BUG - SSW Code Auditor <version> - Bad Rule '<rule>'"

e.g. BUG - SSW Code Auditor v12.15 - Bad Rule 'C# Code- No empty code blocks (Tip: Fix in code.)'

In the body, paste in the code sample you entered in the Test Case text area.

Our developers will look at your code and re-evaluate the regular expressions behind the rule.

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