How do I make “SSW eXtreme Emails!” version 12.96 work on my PC?
I just installed “SSW eXtreme Emails!” version 12.96 but it is not loading in Outlook. I didn’t have this problem with version 12.90 of the product. Do I need some extra components to make Extreme Emails work?

Yes, you do. You need to have “Microsoft Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies” installed on your computer. This was not a requirement with version 12.90 as it was still using an older version of the interop assemblies.

MS-Office 2003 PIAs are part of “advanced customizations” in MS Office 2003 Setup. To install them, follow this procedure below:

1. Insert the MS-Office 2003 CD and start the Setup

2. Select “Add or Remove Features” and click Next

3. In the next screen (“Custom Setup”) select “Choose advanced customization of applications.” and click Next.

4. In the next screen (“Advanced Customization”) select “.NET Programmability Support” under Microsoft Office Outlook and also under Microsoft Office Excel

5. Click on Update and the PIAs will be installed.

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