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2. PRODUCT NEWS www.VB123.com - The Toolshed


4. DATABASE NEWS - TolBay City Agents

5. ASP Guru? Work at SSW!


1. The Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group
Sponsored by Microsoft and SSW
Wednesday 19th July 2000, 5:45 pm


What do I bring along?

Just your self.... and a hot tip on any of these topics:
* Access
* VB
* HTML / Front Page
* SQL Server or
* Hot Sites

2. www.vb123.com - the Toolshed

"The Toolshed" is a collection of resources for Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Microsoft Graphs and Charts, HTML, Active Server Pages and FrontPage and is well worth a visit. It runs on your computer and includes a search engine. It includes all the resources at vb123.com plus source code, databases and other files.

For more information go to http://www.vb123.com/toolshed/default.htm

3. Hot Tips for Developers

**SQL Server Hot Tip**

I want to give the user a combo box with a list of all the current databases on my SQL Server so they can select. How do I do this?

To enumerate the databases on the current server, you can use this SQL:

SELECT * FROM sysdatabases WHERE sid <> 0x01

The sid column identifies the database creator. The hexadecimal value 0x01 signifies that the database is internally created


**Access/Visual Basic Hot Tip**

Using the CALL statement to call a function

Most people associate the CALL keyword with SUB PROCEDURES. If a function returns a value but the value returned is not always used (e.g. so the function can be used in expressions) it can be a pain to create a dummy variable to store the returned value from the function. The CALL statement can be used in Visual Basic to run a function without storing the value returned.

' Common Method
Dim varRetValue as Variant
varRetValue = ProcessOrders(strOrderID)

' Using CALL Statement
Call ProcessOrders(strOrderID)


**Access/VB/SQL Tip**

We used to always use a SSW function called FileOpenMDB() . These days we don't deal with Access backends as often as SQL backends. So instead of storing the BACKEND path like
these days we just store a connnection string like
Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=SSWData;Data Source=chook

Here is a the function we use to edit connection string

Private Function strUDLEdit(strDatabasePath As String) As String
'Requires Reference: Microsoft OLE DB Service Component 1.0
'Allows to open udl interface with existing connection string and edit it
'Example: ctldatabasepath = strUDLEdit(ctldatabasepath)
'Created 22/06/2000 - ST

On Error GoTo Err_strUDLEdit

strUDLEdit = ""

'Requires Reference: Microsoft OLE DB Service Component 1.0
Dim UserDefLink As MSDASC.DataLinks
Set UserDefLink = New MSDASC.DataLinks

Dim cnn As ADODB.Connection
Set cnn = New ADODB.Connection

cnn.ConnectionString = ctlDatabasePath

Dim bolDummy As Boolean
bolDummy = UserDefLink.PromptEdit(cnn)

strUDLEdit = cnn.ConnectionString

Set cnn = Nothing

Exit Function
If Err = 91 Then
MsgBox "Select Full Path of Access Database (OLEDB Provider string)", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Validation"

ElseIf Err.Number = -2147217805 Or Err.Number = -2147467259 Or Err.Number = -2147217843 Then
MsgBox "Initialization string cannot be retrieved.", vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "Validation"

MsgBox "Error number: " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description, "strUDLEdit"
End If
Resume Exit_strUDLEdit
Resume 'Move to here for debugging

End Function

Sergei Tchernykh

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4. SSW Solution Tolbay City Agents

SSW was commissioned by City Agents to build a custom database to manage the day-to-day running of their business. City Agents is a legal searching firm employed principally by lawyers to carry out searching, paralegal and agency work. As such they have to keep control of many small but nonetheless important tasks and have these integrated into a solid reporting and accountable system.

The database was built using ADP (Access Data Projects) in Access 2000 with MSDE as the backend. It took approximately 15 development days.

Mark Scott, director of City Agents, said "We are very pleased with the outcome, speed and flexibility of the database and its cost."

5. Love New Technology? Work at SSW

SSW is looking for an articulate Senior Database Developer focused on new
technology and dedicated to getting the job done.

SQL SERVER + Stored Procedures

SSW is also looking for a Graphic Designer who knows HTML and is strong at developing
a great corporate 'look and feel'.

Attractive Salary will be negotiated.

Call us 61 2 9953 3000 to arrange an interview.


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