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2. PRODUCT NEWS: SSW DATA RENOVATOR - Data Renovator gets rave review in Technical Magazine Smart Access
5. ASP Guru? Work at SSW!

1. The Access/ASP/SQL Server User Group
Sponsored by Microsoft and SSW Wednesday 16th August 2000, 5:45 pm ==========================================================================

SQL Server 2000 Tools

Overview This Month
We have a couple of presentations, the feature one from Dave Lean of Microsoft. Dave will be presenting a detailed overview of all the tools and their enhancement in SQL Server 2000.

What do I bring along?
Just your self.... and a hot tip on any of these topics:
* Access
* VB
* HTML / Front Page
* SQL Server or
* Hot Sites

Tips to get there You can catch the following buses from Town Hall City: 288 - Express to Epping. 290 & 292 - Epping via Crows Nest. Ask your friendly bus driver to let you off near Microsoft. See the map at www.ssw.com.au/accessUG


Data Renovator gets rave review in Technical Magazine Smart Access by Garry Robinson www.vb123.com

What does he say?
"Into this minefield of complexity and valuable live data steps an Access utility called SSW Data Renovator. The program is designed to transfer information from an old database structure to a new database structure. It does this by analyzing both databases and working out what has changed between the old and the new... "I would recommend the product for a lot of transfer exercises as it will allow you to concentrate on the job of getting the newest database design correct... "Thinking back this program could have saved me about 30 hours in the last year and as the program is delivered to you fully operational for 50 trials, then you should have no trouble deciding if it OK for you..." visit http://www.ssw.com.au/ssw/DataRenovator/ to see how SSW tools can make development that much easier... Get more info at the web site - http://www.smartaccessnewsletter.com/ or contact Garry Robinson www.VB123.com.

3. Hot Tips for Developers

SQL Server
The SQL Server 7.0 "Currency" data type stores monetary information to four decimal places. This can get messy when calculating and storing values such as GST Amounts. To avoid repeatedly using "CAST" and "CONVERT" and "ROUND" in stored procedures, you should try using a user-defined datatype. A data type of decimal (19,2) should do the trick. 19 is the total length of the number ("precision"), and 2 is the number of decimal places ("scale") of the number. To make it even easier to use, create a new default of "(0)" and assign it to the datatype. Using data types and defaults in this way allows greater consistency between fields in the database.


VB/ Access Beginners Tip
Don't use If...ElseIf...ElseIf... when a Select Case is more appropriate

Example of code in the OnCurrent Event

If DateDiff("d", [LastPay], Date) <= 30 Then
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbWhite
ElseIf DateDiff("d", [LastPay], Date) < 60 Then
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbYellow ElseIf
DateDiff("d", [LastPay], Date) > 90 Then
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbRed
End If

This code more efficient and more easily updated with this Select Case...

lngDays = DateDiff("d", [LastPay], Date)
Select Case lngDays
Case <= 30
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbWhite
Case 31 to 59
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbYellow
Case 60 to 89
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbBlue
Case Else
Me.Detail.BackColor = vbRed
End Select

Thanks to Brendan Reynolds brenreyn@indigo.ie

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4. DATABASE NEWS - THE HOME LOAN COMPANY =========================================================================

The Home Loan Company SSW has worked with The Home Loan Company since 1996. The Home Loan Company commissioned SSW to build an Access 97 database to administrate the businesses customer and financials. Peter Beverley, The Home Loan Company's General Manager said that "SSW have shown real expertise in Access, that's why we've kept coming back."

For all your home loan needs call the Home Loan Company 61 2 9840 1011

SSW caters for a broad range of clients, from small single person enterprises to large multinationals. Our skill set is diverse enough to be able to meet your range of development needs while maintaining a level of expertise that ensures we know how to answer your questions. SSW has built up serious expertise in Access over the last 10 years and still consults in pure Access as well as SQL, VB & ASP.

Call SSW 61 2 9953 3000 for all your Access, SQL Server, VB ad ASP development needs.

5. Love New Technology? Work at SSW

SSW is looking for an articulate Senior Database Developer focused on new technology and dedicated to getting the job done.

SQL SERVER + Stored Procedures

Attractive Salary will be negotiated. Call us 61 2 9953 3000 to arrange an interview.

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