SSW Update - November 2002
Do you CC everyone? + Special Events for Canberra and Sydney residents
SQL Server SIG - Canberra this week

Tomorrow, November 19, Adam Cogan will be presenting at the Microsoft SQL Server Special Interest Group on the topic "Common DBA Tasks." Examine with Adam how to automate your servers and set them on "auto-pilot" for routine tasks. More

Microsoft Office
Training room 1
level 7 Garema Court
148-180 City Walk

Adam will be speaking on the same topic at this months .NET User Group - Wednesday 20th November at Microsoft Sydney More

SSW BIG Tech Breakfast - Component-based Design and .NET - Friday 29th November

This course presents an introduction to the Component-based features of Visual Basic .NET & C#, and advanced topics such as connecting objects to a database using ADO.NET, architecting great .NET applications, building components. More

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The Cutting Edge

When emailing external parties, it is a good idea to CC the other colleagues within your organisation that may have an interest in the email. More

Cheers until next time, Adam
SSW Database Services Manager and Microsoft Regional Director, Australia
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SSW features on
Danny Lesandrini, Access guru, and regular contributer to Smart Access decided it was time to review SSW and our Access Reporter .NET for IIS.
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New Version - SSW SQL Deploy

SSW SQL AuditorAutomatically Update SQL Server or MSDE Applications with SSW SQL Deploy

Bundle SQL Deploy when you distribute a new version of your application to clients and all your database changes will happen automatically. Simply save database changes from Enterprise Manager, SQL Analyser or Visual Studio .NET as scripts (as most developers already do) and this utility enables automatic data version upgrades. Designed for Winforms, Webforms, VB, ASP and Access applications (and more), SSW SQL Deploy means you never have to worry about your Clients data when deploying applications again! More

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SSW Knowledge Base

How do I change the logical file name of my SQL Server Database? - David Klein

What is involved in porting ASP to ASP.NET? - David Klein

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